📽 Films I have seen

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire
Is not shit.
It isn’t worth rushing to tour lical cinema to see it tomorrow, but after dinner it’s an enjoyable romp.
Could have been a lot better but it is entertaining.

6/10 with a decent bottle of on Promotion Primitivo Puglia

Civil War. Alex Garland.

I had read it was a movie about people or the press or post Trump US.

I am sure it has some flaws, some why that choice that others would mark it down for, but fvck me what a great film.

I did not expect that as I followed along.

No idea if/when it moves to streaming

Obv it was on Hospital Radio here


Trailer looks good.

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This one looks pretty good to.


Godzilla minus One is now on Netflix UK.

Here is someone else’s review

This is the kind of smart, emotional crowd pleaser that Hollywood stopped being good at some time ago.


Marvellous film for the budget

I have seen other folk (fantasy and SF authors etc) saying similar things

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I watched Tenet last night. :thinking:

Would it have made more sense if I hadn’t been drinking at the cricket all day?

It would have made less sense, trust me there isntvenough alcohol in thecworld but its the only way to understand Tenet

I rewatched the first two Smokey and the Bandit films last weekend. I haven’t watched the third one where Jerry Reed takes over the Bandit duties, although I’m tempted.

First film is a real breath of fresh air and ages well. There’s a bit where Jackie Gleason termporarily becomes Alf Garnett, but it’s well observed and like with Alf, he’s always the butt of the joke.

The cast just works great. Gleason in particular is fantastic and I suppose that is why I found myself liking the second film a bit more this time around.

However corny and dated some of the action scenes are, it’s difficult in this day and age to watch the trucks vs cops scene without marvelling at just how much physical effort went into it.

It’s not as good as the first. The Bandit acts the Cuntdit for most of the film, before deciding that towing elephants with a Trans-Am was preferable to delivering them to the Republican Party.

I don’t think the film would ever get made today. Who’d want that particular courier job? :smiley:

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Godzilla X Kong: New Empire.
Well, it isn’t Godzilla Minus One…

In fact I preferred the Monsterverse TV Series.
But the film does move The Monsterverse into new potential areas and it is not shit.

It’s just the characters are (apart from the Deaf Mute) wafer thin and tbh the film could have benefited from someone who could act being in it.