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Lars Von Trier’s a twat, sorry a bit reductive then i’m drunk. He’s the most shouty and show off from the the Dogme 95 group of Scandi directors. Thomas Vinterberg just kept making quietly brilliant films, “The Hunt” … Mads Mikklesson.





I really struggle these days to watch films or find one I am interested in. There seems to be a lot of rubbish out there. So yesterday we traweled through amazon/netflix etc. I’d suggested I Daniel Blake but it was deemed (by my partner) to be a bit depressing for out bank holiday viewing. I also suggested Pride. But again not quite up the the lols he obviously wanted.

So we watched The Pianist instead! :lou_facepalm_2: Very harrowing film.


Not exactly a film but there’s no thread for feature length DVD’s

Just watched _Monty Python Live (Mostly) - One Down Five To Go _- again !!

It’s the DVD release of one of their farewell shows at the O2. I’m so gutted I never got my shit together to get a ticket, if the DVD’s anything to go by it was amazing, a really big production and very funny… in a nolstalgic kinda way.

Well worth a watch if you’re a fan … the full show’s on YouTube, here’s a couple of clips:


It’s a terrible affliction for anyone. But Terry Jones :slight_frown: Writer and director of the some of the most original and influential comedy.



I’d heard about that, very sad indeed


The horror movie genre more than any other is flooded with run of the mill, predictable shit but The Devils Candy is an indie gem that bucks the trend. The trailer doesn’t really do it justice. It’s dark, brooding with an unusual feel to it.

The Conjuring or The Exorcist it’s not but it’s definitely worth a look if creepy, atmospheric thrills are your thing. It’s doing the cinema rounds at the moment but I watched a proper job, 720p HD stream via the Kodi Zen plug in


Little Miss Sunshine is on tv. I love that film. It makes me weep.


I really liked it too, a bit too knowlingly quirky, but you can’t be too cynical


yeah, I agree ted, but fuck it.


I got a lifetime ambition today. Hired to film an Army recruitment video in Thetford … The last sequence of the day was a mock combat situation, fake narrow Iraqi streets (It’s Thetford ffs!) and burned out buildings, smoke grenades and blank bullets. It won’t ever see the light of day, I know (the soldier’s didn’t have the correct vests, glasses etc.) Health and safety shit.

You don’t get these chances very often so … I made them go through it 5 times :blush: Got the POV, behind the shoulder shot from “Heat” as my last one.

Hashtag … Frustrated person who loves movies but has to make corporate shit.


So is army recruitment based around the idea of fighting in narrow Iraqi streets and killing Muslims? I heard an army ad on the radio the other day that was all about being part of a gang and a family. It genuinely sounded like on line grooming to me. people who just don’t fit into normal society can find a family in the army…just like radical Islamists before they blow themselves up.


Just watched Personal Shopper tonight, a strange film but pretty cool.

It’s hard to describe it, it’s a ghost story of sorts but it’s not really a horror, there’s no frights or scares. It’s a mood driven movie, slow paced but involving and quite unnerving. Kirsten Stewart is the lead (pretty much the only) character and I never realised how good an actress she is, a great performance. It would be a bit crass to comment on her getting her kit off (twice), so I won’t.

I enjoyed it, it’s very good. A word of warning tho’. If you need a clear cut ending with everything spelled out, you’ll be disappointed … it’s not that kind of film.



Ugh sorry, Ignore this short film :lou_facepalm_2: I’m tired


I saw a similar army advert on TV. It was basically “Got no friends? Feel lonely? Misunderstood? Being bullied? Come join the army and we’ll bully you in a more friendly atmosphere - you may even feel like you’ve got friends!” It was weird.


I just watched a film online involving John Terry’s mum. Interesting but disturbing all at the same time.