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Is it just me or are there very few interesting Sci Fi / Action or old fashioned Thriller “new movies” about at the moment (as in on air / on demand etc).

The choices all seemed a bit Bridget Jones to me


Been on our first trip to the cinema (that isn’t a premier) in 4 years. Went to see T2 Trainspotting. We really enjoyed it. Liked seeing what happened to the characters and felt it would be quite believable from 20 years ago. It did advertise Edinburgh quite well.


Magnolia … PT Anderson, his breakout movie, he was in in a relationship with Aimee Mann, but her soundtrack is something else. He rewrote scenes after listening to songs


Logan is great too, at least a 1.73/10 :laughing:




I’ve just watched one of the most ‘full on’ films I can remember seeing, Antichrist with William Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsborough … disturbing, harrowing, beautiful, sad, grotesque, powerful, compelling… it’s all of those and more.

Is it a good film ? … it’s top notch with some fantastic cinematography and powerful performances you’d expect from these two highly respected leads.

Did I enjoy it ? … phew, I dunno really … I’m still trying to take it all in !! It’s not fun by any means but It’s a magnificent film, well worth watching (if your not too squeamish) … I was totally captivated from start to finish.


Compelling is a good word to describe Antichrist @steveintheforest , I found it challenging to watch (it’s good to be challenged sometimes)and it haunted me for a good few days after, but looking back I’m glad I’ve seen it. Maybe I’ll watch it again one day, but it’s hard for me to think of a mood I’ll be in that Antichrist would fit the bill for my evenings entertainment.


Went to see ‘Free Fire’ yesterday, was a good 90 minutes of throwaway entertainment and Sharlto Copley stole the show for me. Was also a nice surprise to see our own Barry Gale get an unexpected (and all too brief) appearance. Don’t think it will go down as a classic but was good fun.

**SPOILER ALERT** The trailer is essentially the whole film.


I watched the Martin Scorcese film “Silence” tonight. It was good. Certainly made me think throughout about religion and my beliefs. It has the feel of an old 60’s or 70’s or 80’s classic and reminded me a little of Fitzcarraldo. It’s a huge film, both in length and in weight. The Mrs fell asleep after 20mins.


The Big Short - currently on Netflix. Bit clunky and uneven but an enjoyable enough way to get up to speed with the sub-prime loan debacle/market crash.

Margin Call (also on Netflix) seems an obvious companion piece so might give that a whirl tonight.


It’s right at the top of my list of films to see. Has been for a while but the length of it precludes it from the casual ‘lets chuck a movie on’ catergory. I normally watch a film later on in the evening which isn’t really the time for a two and a half hour, heavywieght epic … not with work the next day anyway.

Looking forward to it now you’ve given it the thumbs up …I think I’ll watch it over Easter when I’ve got a bit of time and I’m less likely to do a ‘Mrs. Fats’ halfway thru’.


I had BOGOF tickets to the cinema tonight but there wasn’t a great deal on so we watched Logan. It’s a fucking long film. It’s quite bloody and violent. It’s ok. A little bit of sort of fun. The Mrs almost fell asleep after about 30 mins, so that’s progress.


The Mrs almost fell asleep after about 30 mins, so that’s progress. So, 28 minutes more than usual :zipper_mouth:


Lars Von Trier’s a twat, sorry a bit reductive then i’m drunk. He’s the most shouty and show off from the the Dogme 95 group of Scandi directors. Thomas Vinterberg just kept making quietly brilliant films, “The Hunt” … Mads Mikklesson.





I really struggle these days to watch films or find one I am interested in. There seems to be a lot of rubbish out there. So yesterday we traweled through amazon/netflix etc. I’d suggested I Daniel Blake but it was deemed (by my partner) to be a bit depressing for out bank holiday viewing. I also suggested Pride. But again not quite up the the lols he obviously wanted.

So we watched The Pianist instead! :lou_facepalm_2: Very harrowing film.


Not exactly a film but there’s no thread for feature length DVD’s

Just watched _Monty Python Live (Mostly) - One Down Five To Go _- again !!

It’s the DVD release of one of their farewell shows at the O2. I’m so gutted I never got my shit together to get a ticket, if the DVD’s anything to go by it was amazing, a really big production and very funny… in a nolstalgic kinda way.

Well worth a watch if you’re a fan … the full show’s on YouTube, here’s a couple of clips: