It has been a long time since people have had this debate seriously. FIFA has been ahead of PES for a few years now, but that might have just changed. There is a lot of positive buzz surrounding the new PES, so I decided to check it out on PC.

It’s not as glossy as FIFA 15, and it famously still doesn’t have all the official leagues, but it doesn’t half simulate the beautiful game beautifully. I think the key difference for me is fluidity. While I’ve enjoyed the past few editions of FIFA, it almost feels like its on rails in comparison.

That Bale sure knows how to hit a ball…

Maybe you’re right Pap. I was a PES devotee for years and wouldn’t touch FIFA with Bearsy’s. The last 5 years or so though FIFA has definitely had the upperhand. You’re not the first to suggest that PES might back amongst it. I’ll seriously consider it when FIFA15 has run its course.

Have both games sorted out the huge gulf between the different levels.

I mean like easy was easy and you’d win 25-0 all the time, tackle everyone first touch, score some wonder goals!

Amateur was bettter, only 5-0 results, tackling was harder, they sometimes won the ball.

Semi-professional was imposible, you’d maybe only ever lose 2 or 3 nill but everytime they tackled you they won the ball, if you tackled them you’d never win the ball and more often than not give a foul away. Posession was also generally 90% in their favour.

I’ve been on the PES train this season. Very happy back in the master league, and I can live without all the gloss of Fifa.

For me, it’s the faster, more precise game. Passing and shooting well hinges on your ability to actually aim with the stick, rather than mashing the button and everything just happening by magic. It took a bit of getting used to after a few years on Fifa.

You really need to use the pass and move stuff (X+R2) to push your midfield into runs, but once you’ve got that down, it’s impressively fluid.

I’m still not very fancy with all the right stick trickery, and my ability to defend at times is fucking laughable, which given the amount of time I’ve spent with it, is shocking. But yeah, PES all the way this year. It’s back.

This looks like a good vid for right stick trickery. Didn’t know you could dive!

From a design bore perspective (sorry, it’s hard to switch off sometimes) FIFA really winds me up. The UI is just a whole heap of crap. It shouldn’t be that hard to simply find play a match against your mates.

Ultimate team is an utter mess too. Far too much going on, and it’s not worth the pay off imo. I just wish they’d sort out the offline single player stuff before trying to prat about with online etc. the rest is easy, and should be layered on top, for me.

that all said, the actual gameplay (clearly the most important part) is genius. The last few versions have been extremely impressive. I’d personally disagree with pap about it being on the rails, I think they’ve come a long way in resolving that, the days of only having a set number of moves that would actually lead to a goal are done.

I’ve also been hugely impressed with what they have done with the players/keepers dimensions. They are no longer just blocks that interact clumsily with each other, they are actual people shaped beings. Tackles fouls now generally only happen when the ball/man comes into contact with the other, like wise keepers now actually make saves as opposed to just being walls the ball bounces off if it is in the general vicinity.

have heard good things about the latest edition of PES. I actually quite enjoy the lack of names/leagues. Master League was brilliant too. Will be interested to check out the new one.

I’m going to be putting this question to the test this afternoon. Lugging the PC down to the living room and am going to engage P2, the youngest daughter in PES combat. I reckon she’ll probably complain about the controls initially, but as soon as her first goal whistles in the net (happens reasonably quickly in PES), she’ll be swayed, and she’s not easily swayed. Just appreciates quality gaming, is all.

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Had a couple of goes on this versus the in-house nemesis, Juvenile Unit #2. She walked away with victories in both games, and predictably, hasn’t complained much about the switch from FIFA to PES. I was hoping that unfamiliarity with the controls would have led to a series of early, never to be repeated victories for me, but there you go. Beaten by a 15 year old girl on a game she had never played before.

Head hung in shame.


If anyone is in need of some lols, look up FIFA and Women’s teams on Twitter/comments sections on games sites.

I know I have a rep for this, but seriously dude tears bout feminists ruining their games is my favourite thing ever.

EA get a lot of hate, often unfairly in my opinion, but fair play to them for making a relatively minor step in the right decision. It’s worth it just to see the hissyfits, for me.


I was going to post the BBC article here yesterday because I thought really cool they’re including the women’s game (I want to be female when I play computers games, and not just dumb men’s versions of female ie. massive boobs, unnaturally tiny waist). But I will definitely check out these comments, GREAT to hear it’s pissed off a lot of losers!

Get your chips ready Lou, there’s a lot of salt to go round. It’s genuinely hilarious. Us Feminists are ruining everything!

call the wahhmbulance.

im half tempted to go back to that other site to troll some of the fragile souls that will clearly feel threatened about this.

Do it!! I shall watch from a far…

Are they along the lines of:

Are they going to start including youth teams, pub leagues, and disability matches (which are similar standard)?

What happens if I’m playing career mode, and my star player gets pregnant? Or what if she gets her period on Cup Final day?

In women’s games, are they going to have crowd noise turned down to zero due to empty stadiums?

Nahh, I’m p much done with that place. Watching from a distance recently, it’s fallen into basically any other web forum. Vile, whiny straight white dudes bitching about how hard they have it.

the majority of people I have any interest in conversing with are here. I may try poach some of my arts buddies, otherwise I’ve no interest in that place. It’s grim.

Get Cat over here, KRG. He’s got good music taste.

Or something about shrill crowd noise…

Knew you were a feminist all along Bearsy. :wink:

I really enjoyed the arts chat over there. All the contributors were sound, and whilst not everything was to my taste there was usually always some interesting stuff to check out.
Cat, lifeintgeslowlane and obv my interwebs bff SuperMikey need to sort their shit out and get over here.

I’m trying to get Barry Sanchez. He’s gonna sign up as Dune, and we can have 6 months of pap accusing Dune of being Barry Sanchez, which will like bring things full circle