🏏 Fiddling with balls

cheating bastards


What else do you expect from a nation populated by criminals and unionists.


But it’s just not cricket



That’s England’s problem…we don’t enter into the true spirit of the game…so half-hearted about cheating. :lou_sad:

I see that Smith and Warner have stood down (or, more accurately, have been stood down) as captain and vice-captain for the remainder of this Test. What happens next remains to be seen. But it’s hard to imagine that they’ll be allowed to carry on in those roles, even if they remain in the team.

Smith banned from the next test. Warner to be Dillian Whyte’s next opponent.

(I might have mis-heard one of the above)

That’s the ICC Penalty for a “minor” offence.

The Aussie public / Goverment / cricket Australia will look at reputations damage and sponsorship harm.

Doubt they will be so lenient

I once had my balls tampered with by an Austrailian a not unpleasant but very confusing experience.

Warner showed England players how he tampered with the ball during the Ashes…


Plus…Handy racial-slur sledging phrase book. :lou_lol:


Plus packet of tissues to cry into while filing a complaint if someone makes a comment back at you

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Not surprisingly the global media read my post :lou_eyes_to_sky: and have dug deeper…

Seems the Sponsors will end up being the force for change in all of this as they queue up to issue statements of condemnation.

Welcome to the world of Trevor Chappell you idiots

Their world continues to crumble

‘He’s gone rogue’: David Warner ‘drank Champagne with non-cricket mates as the ball tampering scandal erupted and removed himself from a WhatsApp group with the rest of the Australian team’

  • **A source reportedly told Fox Sports the team were angry at the ex vice captain **
  • **They believe David Warner has ‘gone rogue’ since the cheating scandal erupted **
  • He also allegedly removed himself from the team’s WhatsApp group chat





Shameful (partial) cover up by Cricket Australia :lou_angry:

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