🎵 Festivals 2018

:musical_note: Festivals 2018


Same here. I go to get fuck-faced, see things I don’t understand, exist outside of time for a few days.

I just can’t get that experience if the soundtrack is the music from a building society advert or MOTD’s goals of the month.


And you can drink Mulled Cider at 5 quid a pint.
But totally agree with your sentiment Pap. I’ve made no secret that we are trying to get out of here, yes we still have great moments but living in a land where even multi-storey car parks have chappies that hand you a cotton flannel to dry your hands in the bathroom gets too much eventually.
I love Glasto BECAUSE it is Medieval, BECAUSE it is a struggle and BECAUSE it is so unpredictable.
And DAMN I missed that last weekend.


As fun as Primavera was, and it was REALLY fun, I missed the camping.

Yes, I am glad I didn’t wake up in a tent in a car park in Barcelona. But that is part of the fun with a festival in the Glasto/Bestival mould.

So much so that I’m trying to get a camping trip booked over the summer with some mates. Bet with enough tinnies, friends with guitars, speakers and, um, other things - it’d basically be a mini-festival.

You, folks, are witnessing the birth of KRGFest right here.


Mate, I am more than happy to get involved - not with your mates’ thing, but general festival creation. If there is one thing I have learned how to do in 43 years, it’s having fun.

Joint career change?

I still think ShortFest is a great idea. With you onboard, we could do a V Festival style TallFest in another part of the country :slight_smile:


Jointfest sounds fun Pap


Seriously, I think there’s a lot of market for smaller festivals because I know the people that go to festivals. The less policing, the more ale of your own you can take in, the just hanging out with seven random people you’ve only just met, the less anyone cares about the bands that might be on.

But I can confirm they will both be Joint Fests. Going off @KRG’s previous attempts to meet people at Glastonbury, I am sure this policy will be adopted at TallFest.


There’s loads of small festivals around the UK but sadly see some not continuing. Think maybe market is a bit saturated. Plus our weather doesn’t help some years.
But small fest and tall fest may just be the niche area. I can go to one and tall partner can go to the other. Bit of respite is good.


I want a list of Beer, Wine, Gin, and Rum Festivals sod the music.