Feeling Dicky?

Feeling Dicky?


Then sotonians are probably better off than most:


15 June 2017


Health watchdogs have rated University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust ‘good’ following a recent inspection – with critical care ‘outstanding’.

The Care Quality Commission visited Southampton General Hospital in January and February to assess if improvements had been made since the regulator’s last visit in 2014, which saw the trust rated ‘requires improvement’.

Inspectors returned to review surgery, end of life care, outpatients and radiology, scoring all services ‘good’, while critical care, which covers the general, neurosciences and cardiac intensive care units, surgical, respiratory and cardiac high dependency units and the critical care outreach team, was assessed as ‘outstanding’.

The previous ratings of ‘good’ remain in place for emergency care, medicine and services at Southampton Children’s Hospital, the Princess Anne Hospital and hospice Countess Mountbatten House.

As a result of the review at Southampton General, the site received a ‘good’ rating with the caring domain scored as ‘outstanding’.

This means all services at UHS are now rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.

Fiona Dalton, chief executive of UHS, said: “These results are a tribute to everyone across the whole trust who has worked so hard and with such commitment to give the best possible care to our patients. Every day I see or hear about examples of exceptional patient care and I know that these ratings are very well-deserved.

“I am so proud to be chief executive of this hospital and I would like to say thank you to all of our staff for everything they do every day to make UHS such a special place.”

Professor Sir Mike Richards, the chief inspector of hospitals, said: “I am delighted to report that we have found significant improvement in all the core services we inspected. University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust has clearly put patients at the heart of all major decisions. The chief executive even holds patient lunches to gather people’s feedback and pass on any lessons.

“Throughout we found a trust which demonstrated a healthy impatience to improve – from the top down. The council of governors were highly engaged with the board, the executive team and the hospital staff as a whole.”

He added: “We came across many examples where the staff interactions with patients or relatives had exceeded expectations, not only clinical staff, but domestic, portering, catering and clerical staff too.

“The trust has a large body of 1,000 volunteers who are used in many roles around the hospital. Their dedication, kindness and their willingness to help their local population was outstanding.”

The full report is available at www.cqc.org.uk/provider/RHM/reports.

I now have to deal with Mrs G being ‘outstanding’. :lou_surprised:


To be fait, my folks have both needed care at the General in the last year and the treatment / support has been really good.

I hesitate to use the word outstanding because the managed to “lose” a number of personal effects from both of their bedside cabinets, which I had to threaten legal action to get reimbursement.

Treatment fantastic, care of personal effects abysmal (they make you sign a waiver when admitted just in case anything goes astray - but if you are an emergency admittance how the fuck do you know what you are doing?)


Yep my sister was in the General for several months early this year and ultimately under-went a 12 hour op. Today she’s very happy. I would say her care was “outstanding” :lou_lol:

My wife has had a number of tests over the last 12 months…the latest consultation yesterday. The most she has waited over her allotted apointment time has been 5 minutes. Nothing short of amazing.

Getting a booking to see a GP at our local surgery however…glacial. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Don’t start me on GP appointments @lifeintheslowlane . Have been laid up with a “cold” since the weekend. I know I now have a chest infection - judging by the monstrous green grollies I’m impressing the family with. Could I get past the nazi bitch queen from hell on reception to get an appointment? Could I fuck. Think it accounts for my sunny disposition in recent days



I’ve had experience of Countess Mountbatten in the last year and the nursing staff there are amazing.

I don’t know how they do it, that work would break lesser folk.


Here have a LITSL sympathy upvote Cobs. :lou_wink_2:


Cheers @lifeintheslowlane

Normal affable service to be resumed in due curse



Ah yes I am currently on the coughing lungs up stage but didn’t bother with GP just overdosing on cough mixture as it’s a nightmare to see a GP here.

It’s so bad my manager emailed me from the other side of office asking if I was ok.

The local hospital is inadequate and has had 2 inspections saying that. So that is something to look forward to if I get really ill.


England 2017: 23% fewer people applying to undergraduate nursing courses (compared to 2016).

Bursaries still available in Wales, NI and Scotland but applications still fell by 10%, 6% and 2% respectively.

Mature student applications (+25 yr old) fallen by 28% in England.

Course sizes being reduced.

Source: Nursing Times

What a clusterfuck.


Well, according to Hammond, they’re all paid well over the odds so I should hope they’re outstanding…


I can think of a few in the ‘public’ sector who are overpaid. I’m pretty sure that multi-millionaire Hammond is barking up the wrong tree here though.


I know, problem easily solved by recruiting from overseas!

Oh, wait…



The only thing that can fix something like that is to invite the private sector in.

I wonder if that’s occurred to anyone in government?


Personally, Hammond’s comments are another small step in trying to make the public accept that the NHS should be privatised.

I suspect that more and more NHS services will be tendered out to his mates, but think he’ll get a bloody nose if he tries to stop free access at point of need.

Another example of politicians not understanding the electorate and only looking to themselves.


I don’t think that will be stopped. It will be more ‘closely defined’ or ‘reinterpreted’.


It’s just as well they are! Today 75 doctors and nurses lost a court case brought by a company called Indigo Park Services, who run the car parks at the University Hospital of Wales, and ordered to pay parking fines of 129 pounds per day for parking in the visitor car park. Although the hospital trust issues more than 8,500 staff parking permits there are only 1,800 employee parking spaces on the whole site. One nurse has been told she faces a bill of 15o,oook.

Indigo Park Services run car parks all over Europe, they have the contracts for most hospitals and railway stations in this country, although the parent company, Infra Park S.A.S. are French. Ironically there are no parking charges at hospitals in France for staff or visitors, the French just wouldn’t stand for it, unlike the British, who just seem to shrug their shoulders and bend over. Indigo Park made a profit of 2.8 million in 2016 from the Cardiff site alone, their overall profit in 2016 was 71 million euros on sales of 201 million euros, in charges and fines. The parent company was offered for sale in February of this year, with the price expected to be around 3 billion euros. Farming out parking at public places like hospitals to private companies is a disgrace, it is a licence for them to print money. And there will be more and more of it if the current government get their way, they intend to flog off the land hospitals are built on to private, mostly American companies, whom will then be allowed to let rip, charging extortionate rents etc, bankrupting the NHS, which of course is the plan in the first place. Then the American private health care companies will come charging in on their white chargers to save the day! At least, that’s how it will be sold to the Mail, Telegraph and Sun readers.

This business of awarding lucrative contracts to these vultures by the Tory government stinks to high heaven, how many of the successful bidders are Tory party donors? Thankfully Corbyn has committed to abolishing all parking charges at hospitals if he gets to No 10, and quite right too. No equivocation, the capitalist vultures will all be squealing, but he should make it quite clear before an election that compensation will only be paid in cases of proven need. Hospitals in this country are built, staffed and equipped with public money, they belong to all of us. The idea that one private company can trouser 2.8 million a year from one hospital car park charges alone is a fucking disgrace. It brings shame on this country, we are supposed to be civilized. Fortunes being made from exploiting the sick, and those who take care of them and cure them. This is not the country i grew up in.


Get that posted on social media that people actually read @nottarf-krap - I dunno Twatface or Instabook - whatever they’re called.

Agree with every comment.


Indigo Park Services recently took over car park services at Southampton General.


These parking companies have recently been winning a lot of cases. People have been parking illegally and ignoring the tickets in the false assumption that they are not legally enforceable. Well looks like they are.

as for the lady who has £150k in parking fees - at 128 a pop that is something like 1200 tickets. Her car must be full of them.


She’s the gaffer