Favourite Sausages

I’ve been thinking for a while that this site could do with a thread for people to post pictures of their favourite sausages - whether wieners or cumberlands, whatever floats your boat.

I also thought that @stickywhitedovepiss could do with another thread in which to see how close to the wind he can sail before @pap administers a thorough guesting.

Here’s my starter:

The merguez - I do like them hot and exotic sometimes.


Top thread Big Bird. Here’s one of my faves - Turkish sucuk. Hot and juicy. Yum.


I like mine barbecued.




I like a nice plump Bratwurst.

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Mrs C_S says she likes a nice firm meaty Sicilian…

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The best i have ever tasted were from Stares butchers in Romsey. Are they still there? It’s been many years since i lived there, but they were quality. In Liverpool, Longton Hall Farm in Bootle Strand are superb, come close to Stares, as good as you will get in the North West.

I also like mine with a mug of beans…


Richmond for sausage sandwiches.

Uptons for posh.

Pretty sure this thread has been done before but I may just have a thing for sausage.

I do love a short fat Greek one

Toulouse are good

Chorizo is epic

the butcher in Netley made the best ones ever. Nothing else has come close

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Toulouse sausage cassoulet…lovely with a nice red

Chorizo - the perfect ingredient for so many meals.


The problem with the humble sausage is that is can resemble a penis, surely not

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If he’s the one I’m thinking of, I’m pretty sure I’ve come close to his sausage.

That was the night I realised I shouldn’t drink.

I definitely recognise that second one…

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I love sausages and the only thing i love more than sausages is gags about sausages being cocks. LOL!! FFS it’s too funny, it makes me crease up every time!

Is this sarcasm? Since Rallyboy was hounded off the forum I find it very hard to tell…


You can’t beat a good Bratwurst, well actually you can if you chop it up and add curry sauce and make it a currywurst!!


There used to be a chain of butchers in South London called Kennedys. Their sausages and chipolatas were the dogs bollocks*.

*This may be why they went out of business.