I hope this isn’t too weird/embarrassing but I just noticed that you were online and it finally seemed appropriate to let you know…

…I want you inside me.


Learn to use the PM function, Kid. You’re at the back of a pretty long queue.


Excuse me! There is a queue old chap.


This is what happens when Soviet is delayed. If it wasn’t for Nu Labour bringing us in, Grinder wouldn’t be a thing.


This is a bit weird.


I hope I haven’t scared him off.


Too many been there already TCK - he is a little ‘slack’ now as witnessed by his 3 average shits before 8am


Well, this is a beautiful thing and the highlight of my life. I am, of course, incredibly flattered and open to all offers, requests and demands.


Shouldn’t this be on the “Who’s fucked out of their minds on a heady mixture of drugs and drink on a Friday night?” thread?


No Bob, it’s an innocent love story. More like this.

The edgy music might encourage Barry to get involved.

Sotonians love triangle?


You’re so right, SoS. Every time I hear a Bacharach song I think about Fatso. I just can’t help myself. Then again, nobody can.


Did Bert write this one as well?

A game @fatso is about to stop playing.


rule 1 is invoked to see what everybody else is shagging

Fatso put it up.


To be honest, I think I was just a little giddy after having had a quick wank in the shower on an empty stomach.

If only it had been Fatso’s stomach.


I wanted to upvote this, I really did but that last sentence has thrown me into a pit of dispair that my turn may never materialise within mine or Fats’ lifetime. Playing coy has backfired on me. Just have to move on I guess :lou_sad: