Fantasy League


Is there going to be a FPL league again? If so, does anyone have the code so I can join?

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Me too


Id like to play with everyone


beltch was a v.keen & efficient administer of the league, up until he started losing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he took his ball home in Massive Huff.


When does the season start?


As anyone that knows anything about football would tell you, 2016-17 was a massive statistical anomaly.

That season was so difficult for experts to predict that anyone that actually did well in fantasy football officially knows nothing about football.

I did terribly last year, proving if it was ever in doubt, that I am indeed an expert.

For this reason I’ve held a meeting of the fantasy football Soviet and I’ve unanimously agreed to expunge last year’s results from the official record.

I will reopen the league for 2017-18 soon.

Toke’s a ****.


Is it soon yet?


How soon is now?

The Sotonians league has now been recreated for this season.

The league code is…


Feel free to join and see how close to second place you can get.

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Beltch’s arse took a beating last season in a display he had not experienced since the late 90’s…

Up sex, drugs and mane for its 3rd year of success.


Which league is it Bletch, The Mail ?


No, The Daily Fascist.

Link here


First place is pretty damn close to second.

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You got a copy of last year’s table bletch? Someone ran away with it didn’t they, who was that?

Did I come 2nd in the end?

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If you have to ask then neither of you could have been that good, even if you were doing it on the kitchen table.

Oh wait you’re talking about football stuff aren’t you? I hope you’re talking about football stuff :lou_surprised:

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The speed at which bletch’s team went down last year certainly got tongues wagging.


Dumb Toke.

See my post above where I clearly explain that I, sorry, the Fantasy Football Soviet has expunged last year’s results from the official record.

It didn’t happen.

Get over it.



I went for some beers on Saturday (Yes I did end up unconscious. Again.) with a couple of mates that have FF teams in other leagues.

We have an annual bet £25 to the one that has the most points out of the three of us.

One mate is English but lives in Brazil so this is the first time we’d all been together since last season.

Let’s just say that I’m £25 poorer right now.

2016/17 wasn’t good for me.

We’ve renewed the bet, and also had a couple of side bets.

The other mate is Welsh and he’s going to field a second team of Welsh-only players and he’s got to get within 500 points of the other two.

He was full of bravado about it until we asked him who is sub keeper would be.

The only problem we’ll have is if Bale is sold to a Prem team.


You done your ‘research’ this year bletch? No Wifi in tent problems this year? Any excuses you would like to get in early?


It was the first Friday football in the history of the world that got me off on the wrong foot.

The Wi-Fi-Less tent was just the cherry on top.


Oh really. Fuck off. Not just because you lost but mainly because I was top for most of the season, before I did my Keegan impression of 96-97 and threw it away - but not to you :cool:. You get over it,