Fans' Player and Goal of the Season

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McCarthy for POTS

Lemina for GOTS although Boufal and Davis were close too

In my esteemed opinion

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I went for MC Car Thief and Boofs v Baggies.


That goal Boufal did GOTS

& Macarthief POTS

McCarthy POTS

Bouf annoyingly for Goal.

And repeat to the end of the page.

No contest for either this year.

Hope Macca gets Harts’ spot on the plane to Russia as well tbh.

And we find some mugs to take FF off our hands

POTS has to go to the player that did the most to keep us up, so McCartney.

GOTS for no other reason than the feeling of absolute joy when it went in(think my neighbours heard me celebrate). Yes, Manolo Gabbiadini.


McCarthy POTS

Boufal GOTS

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Gabby got goal of the season, purely for its importance

But otherwise it was a bit shit. No style, grace or élan…

…and I can’t quite believe I said that cos it was a classic goal poacher effort.


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