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Streamed live. Could be interesting, although I doubt it!

Anybody up for a drinking game? Everybody has to do a shot for every time that Ralphy boy refers to us as a ‘small club’! :open_mouth:


How did Kenzie Benali get the job again?

I would advise people to get on this. It’s actually pretty good.

Les Reed is not playing a blinder. He has just been asked about whether they waited too long to get shot of MoPe.

He says “I can’t remember too many situations where a manager has instantly replaced in 24 hours”.

I can, Les. The outgoing manager was Nigel Adkins and the incoming manager was Mauricio Pochettino.

Ace. Someone has just asked for the resignations of Ralph and Les.


Ouch! Guy just asked Les & Ralph why they have sacked managers for the teams decline over the last few years yet not resigned themselves! Ha


I think Barry Sanchez has just stood up and asked why Mr Gao hasn’t said anything…


I think Ralph is reaching the limits of his shit-talking.

What a waste of a question - “why don’t we expand St Mary’s for a bigger stadium? Even though the stadium isn’t currently full.”


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The bloke who asked why we don’t spend £30-40m on players also admitted his saints obsession had cost him two marriages. That makes him a prick in my opinion. I also don’t want to spend that amount of money on a player.


Can someone tell me what Ings said?

Didn’t understand his Northern accent.

Well, its all done. Ralph and Les are just not very popular and so took some tricky questions. Some questions were just stupid and it does provide a reminder that many fans are idiots. Hughes comes across well.


I thought the pair of them were chatting bollocks.

This might be a case of irony for you to consider. A fans forum, set up to calm the fans, only to reveal that Ralph and Les were every bit the clueless chancers we thought they were, enraging the fans.

They definitely didn’t come out of that particularly well, but it’s difficult to say they look like 100% clueless chancers when people are asking for the stadium to be expanded or for us to spend £40m on players. Hughes is the only person that really came out of that looking good.

You seem surprised Pap. After all, the genius business plan NC found in Andrew Cowens’ desk drawer only ran for 5 years.
So for the past 2 seasons they’ve had no script to work from
Allegedly :roll_eyes:

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The questions on FB that rolled in were even more clueless than some of those asked at the Forum. We have some moronic fans for sure.

Thought Hughes, Ings and big Adam came across well.

I quite liked Adam’s ‘Field of Dreams’ reference when that numpty asked about expanding St Mary’s… “so is it a case of build it and they will come?”


You leave @Matthew-Le-God alone.


Kruger did mention the strategy for now is for no outside investment. This suggests it might change