Fan heater radio show "soothes babies" in Portsmouth

"A new radio station is broadcasting the sound of fan heaters and other domestic appliances to try to help babies sleep.

Sleepyhead Radio, based in Hampshire, said it was the first station in the world to offer the service to parents." (BBC)

Since when does the sound of a deep fat fryer help your kids sleep?

Only in Portsmouth :lou_facepalm_2:

Seriously though - when I couldn’t get teenage mutant #2 to sleep a 10 minute drive around the block would sort it. Neighbours probably thought I was odd. Tbf they still do anyway.

Anyone have other weird (legal) solutions?, Fuck, let’s hear about any solution that might work. A sleep deprived parent will consider anything…


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Doesn’t he play for Sunderland?


When kid goat was 9 months old we embarked on a round the world trip. On the flight between Tahiti and New Zealand the only sign of her was a short appearance of her blonde head appearing from the basinette and looking around bleary eyed before falling fast asleep again.

When we landed, the rather portly American woman next to us remarked on how well behaved kid goat had been stating: “when I sat here I was dreading this flight but your little girl has been an angel”.

She looked slightly weirded out when I told her that kid goat was drugged up to the eyeballs.

For reference, be careful with the dosage, get it wrong and it can make them hyper.

Also, drugs are bad.

Some of them anyway.


McCann them!!