False positivity and no protests?

False positivity and no protests?


I am amazed to why there hasn’t been large scale uproar at this seasons poor performance and sterile tactics employed by the manager? Years ago I think supporters by now would well and truly be showing their anger and frustrations by chants and protests at our apparent sleep walk into relegation, have we become soft and apathetic? Is this the Sotonian way? Would other clubs in a similar situation accept this? If we go down next season how many will we average? 17,000? It’ll hurt the owners so every cloud I suppose.

I’ll say this now so its not seen as kneejerk, if we go down we are proper screwed, freefall.


For every Type I error, there are also Type II errors.


Siants fan right thare.


“right thare”?

you’ve spent too much time oop north


I’ve received an interesting PM from one of our Sotonians. If that’s half true, I’m inclined to agree with the Bazster.


What was the PM about? Is this person in the know?


Can’t go into any detail, and the person did not claim to be in the know. This person isn’t in my view a bullshitter or an attention seeker, and I respect his or her views (that’s @intiniki right in the frame :smiley: *joke* ).

Long story short, Gao could be effectively penniless, which is the reason that MoPe still enjoys employment. The story goes that we couldn’t even afford to pay him off.


I have a PM as well from someone who isn’t an attention seeker. They said some REALLY interesting stuff.


That’s a bit of a non sequitur, isn’t it? It’s the club that would pay him off, so if the club’s penniless then of course that’s a different matter. But (and I say this in absence of the latest financial records) whilst we’re not as flush as many would like to believe after the sale of VvD, we’re hardly destitute.

For now at least, Gao’s finances have little-to-no bearing on those of St. Mary’s Football Group Limited.


Yawn. Goodnight - am genuinely tired of these threads started mainly by Barry on an almost daily basis which adds nothing to the debate. Just the same old clichéd slagging off the club, owners, players and fans - the only difference is the thread title.

Ok, we get it. We’re likely to go down. Nothing ever stays the same. It’s a rollercoaster so fucking experience the ups and downs of supporting Southampton FC - nobody said it was going to be glory all the time & if they did then they should have known better because some numb-nuts believe it.

Bang on as much as you want about the lack of effort, passion or capability of the manager, I suspect there is nobody on this site who could do any better.


Answering the thread’s original question, my feeling is that we’re seeing blanket apathy and/or disconnect.

While the lack of anger and action is likely disproportionate when measured against our malaise, the support in the ground has equally been abysmal for some time now.

I feel we’re victims of modern Premier League aspirations. What club from 8th to 20th has any realistic chance of consistently challenging the ‘haves’? We’re supposed to try, but no one club has managed it without suffering a slump thereafter.

Instead ‘the rest’ bumble about somewhere from mid-table to relegation. Hopes and expectations are raised only to be dashed just as swiftly, leading to disillusion and disenchantment.

We, like many of the PL also-rans, now feel entitled to safety, challenging for domestic cups and European football. But there’s only so many that can. Now that that’s starting to sink in, it seems many fans are left thinking “what’s the point?”

I don’t agree with them, though can understand the sentiment.


I honestly don’t give a shite whether anyone believes this or not. I’m not sure I do.


Gao has no money, on paper maybe, but he was done before for tax and he was refused to initially buy us, as I have always said big Kat saw her moment and did one, we’ve been sold down the river on that but I was more referring to the crowd and how accepting they are at the state of football being played and the position we’re in, in wouldn’t happen up here.

The clappers on here love to be happy, positive and head in the sanders though, I am genuinely jealous of them and their outlook in life, it must be fucking great.


We should have an awful lot more money than that, the next issue is in our arrogance what contracts have the players got? Relegation clauses, release clauses? Its amatuer night at the club, does anyone genuinely feel we’ve got it right in, Gao, Liebherr (big Kat), Ralph, Les and MP?

Those five are one pure absolute shit show of shit.


Just checked. Those financial statements were from March 2017. All rosy then. We should report this years finances in the next two weeks.


If the fans can see why didn’t Kruegar initially? We had a plan and now its gone to shite we’re a small club, the fans knew that in the sense to what he was referring so why did he try to pull the wool over our eyes?

We’re shite and we have always been unsuccessful, selling your best players continually and not replacing them isn’t your plan its another larger clubs, all those dvd’s and #wemarchon won’t change shit, tell the truth, say footballs broken and in short shit.

I spoke to loads of lads last weekend and they are adamant they are not renewing next season, they may go now and again but they’re not giving the club their money to go into wages and dividends and I totally agree, the premiership has done what exactly for Southampton FC, the people of the City and its fans and the trophy cabinet?

Foxtrot Alfa.


Because Ralph thinks a football is egg=shaped.

The club have been philosophically exchanging with Freddy’s less competent namesake, even going as far as genetically engineering spherical eggs at great cost. The cost of the stem cells is enormous. The VVD money is gone.

He still doesn’t get it.


Ah yes I am a super secret football fan and have all the inside knowledge of all that is saints.

As to the thread I’ve got to agree with @cobham-saint as seem to be several threads about relegation (or it feels that way!).

Why no protests? Because maybe, just maybe, people have a lot of stuff to do that’s possibly way more important than protesting about some crap football. But for those of you with the time and Bazza seems to have plenty - crack on but maybe not on here. Be more vocal in real life. Make a placard and stand outside st marys and really show em.


This thread will only be complete when someone posts the pic of the two twats ‘handing back’ their season tickets


It is incredibly hard to speculate any version of reality where Bazza’s interpretioon of events could be wrong.

It seems so clear to everyone here and on Twitter.

Using Sherlock’s mantra and questioning whether any other scenario could be a factor is impossible based on the evidence.

The fact remains paralysis like poisoning in Salisbury may have other stranger causes no matter how left field. Like Salisbury speculation never got close to what we are starting to see as facts.

There are occasions where legal entities can be paralysed and unable to make decisions. Unusual and rare but then Carrillon going bust was one.

The point is something is wrong. But it could be something more complicated than even we could imagine.

There may actually be a situation where miracles are happening daily to stop a collapse.

No idea what I just know that idiots stay idiots. Good people don’ become idiots en masse overnight.

It could be worse than the current concept being debated everywhere.

Equally Les may just have gone senile. We don’t have any facts