FA Cup weekend

Exeter 1-0 up.

Liverpool have a shocking team out.

It’s on BBC1 if anyone’s interested.

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Lee Holmes scores direct from a corner to put Exeter back in front!

Bit of fun…I’m enjoying this 2-1 to Exeter at half time. :lou_lol:

Nice. Is that ex-Saint Lee Holmes?

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Nice. Is that ex-Saint Lee Holmes?

The very man. Only 28! Always had a cracking left foot cross in him!

Ha fucking ha. Klopp whingeing. Great viewing.

They better bring on Nivea Boy as he has scored there in the past.

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Only 28!

That’s strangely reassuring.

38 year old Matt Oakley on now

Fuck. I am old.

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Very deserved replay for Exeter, but a shame they let Liverpool grab the equaliser.

Nice little earner reply for Exeter, but the end of their hopes of getting through.

32m Benteke…largely anonymous. Thought Exeter deserved a win overall but let down by a couple of bits of sloppy defending.

Lucky Scousers.


Will be amazed if the Eastleigh game goes ahead. They are showing the pitch inspection on football focus. Let’s put it this way, have you ever seen a football plug when dropped?

Nice comment on twitter this morning. IF Exeter had won they’d have earned roughly one months wage bill.

The Replay will take their earnings from the games & TV close to 700k or their ANNUAL wage bill


Stats like that show just how much a TV appearance would have meant to Eastleigh (and Bolton!!) but instead we get the usual Man U Cup match. FFS you cconts spread the cash to teams that need it.

Heads up gang.

BeIN Sports 5HD are showing the Eastleigh vs Bolton game over here that means you should be able to find it on a stream somewhere on the darkweb :wink:

Also Doncaster are on live here as well fwiw along with the ArsvSun game