🏆⚽ FA Cup Semis 2021/22

:mancityfc: v :liverpoolfc: up first

:chelseafc: v :crystalpalacefc: tomorrow

Oh bollox, Livepool take the lead, Kounate rises above everyone to power in a header from a corner.

And a Liverpool fan has thrown a flare on the pitch, what a twat…

Liverpool gifted a goal, keeper tries to take it past Mane in slow motion and gets done.

That was, quite frankly, awful goal keeping.

And another flare on the pitch…chuck the bin dippers out of the competition…

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Who said you could edit my post? :lou_angry:


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3-0 to Liverpool, game over?

City getting a taste of their own medicine.

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I don’t understand why Pep is playing that goalkeeper?

Stones in the background putting his head in his hands :joy::joy::joy:

3-1 game on!

Good goal by Squealish there…

3-1 down with ten minutes to go, Pep finally makes a substitution. :thinking: And he’s forced into even that by an injury to Jesus. :unamused:

Players just look like they’re playing at damage limitation.

…and as if by magic, City get a second :smile::smile::smile:
Interesting 4 minutes of injury time to come.

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Ohh, 2-3 just as 4 minutes of added time are shown, it couldn’t happen could it?

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Chelsea 2-0 Crystal Palace, means a Chelsea v Liverpool final…