🏆 FA Cup Semi 2021 - :leicesterfc: Leicester v Southampton :saints: (Live on :bt_sport: Sport)

Just hanging this here.
Leicester is the worst possible draw.
A team that sit back & catch you on the break.
We can’t break down teams like that & are really vulnerable to balls in behind us.
Oh well.

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Well that’s a nice optimistic post to get us all in the mood for the semi-final.


Not sure getting Citeh or Chelsea would improve the situation

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Its the semi final league form is out the window we should have everyone fit and healthy after the international break hopefully the othe three teams get a nice dose of injuries and covid.


Yep. Ingsy should be back. Theo? Maybe. Redmond has his mojo back.

Nothing to lose, plenty of time to prep for how to stifle Leics and worry them too.

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When did Rebmond ever have his mojo to lose in the first place

Chaps, chaps, @Polski_Filip is being deliberately -ve, it is his match lucky charm…

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This. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Phil is Bazzing so we don’t have to.


No problem. We shall just hit them on the counter counter.

We owe these cunts, like, forever. Fucking love to turn them over and fuck up rat boy Vardys chance of playing in an FA Cup final.


This and more.

Why do I hate Rat Boy so much?


Because he’s a cunt, and a cheat?


Sounds about right no qualms my side for hating him then

Because the murid fucker nobbled VVD and with it went our best chance to win a Cup for years


Thank you now I remember why

Had to look up ‘murid’, now looking forward to using it on someone :lou_smiley:


I just assumed CB had been at the bottle and mistyped something.

I stand corrected, and duly chastened. :zipper_mouth_face:

So many great words on the forum today!

This complacent cocky over confidence simply means we are doomed. Stop it ffs!
So old man Steptoe is out of sorts but ffs I ate a nacho is on fire.

This is just heartbreaking or even as after Hot Nachos, heart burning

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Matron…he’s out of bed again…