FA Cup: Humble Pie Eaters vs the Saints

FA Cup: Humble Pie Eaters vs the Saints


So Wigan, eh?

Not a bad draw. Winnable, despite City getting knocked out by them.

Quarter final too.

I have a lot of respect for Wigan Athletic and its staff. They’re some of the few people in the town that know that balls are supposed to be round, or that Wigan has an association football team.


We’ve beaten 5 premier league teams this season. Wigan have beaten only 3.

I make that saints win 5-3 pls. Very confident!


Not a question for you dumbasses really I suppose, I should prob make enquiries with the spods on saintsweb, but does anyone happen to know when the fixture times is Announcement?


When the TV companies gets their acts together I guess


You thinking of cancelling wedding if there is a clash bear? Seems like a good excuse to me. A chance of a semi is a fine thing and should never be sniffed at.


Keen match thread startage BTW @pap , only 3.5 weeks to go until the ties…


Wigan seem to struggle against sies of the same calibre, so I am quietly confident of a hard fought victory by one goal and a place in the semis.


I am up to 'do a Wigan ’ this year


Cup win, Relegation or Brexit?


Like Bompey & Wet Spam?

And yes Bear. If Prince Harry can change his wedding time and the whole of London grinding to a halt for a footy match you need to make the effort ffs


It will be a good game for sure. They’re a decent outfit. Hope it’s not on a Monday night though.


great team to play - winnable but if the worst happens I will genuinely wish them well.


If its a choice of one or the other then

Brexit :lou_lol:


When will the dates of the games come out?


I would imagine after the replays have been sorted out?


So I’d imagine a Friday night 1945 kickoff, Saturday at 1500, Sunday and 1500 and Monday at 1945?


Friday 8. Saturday 1230. Sunday 130 or Monday 745 is my guess :lou_wink_2:


I can do the semi final and the final if that helps the team…


So if we win the FA cup and get relegated we can acredit resposibility for both directly to you, very good of you Baz :lou_wink_2:


I’d take the FA Cup and a spell in the Championship, for sure.