FA Cup final : Gooners for a day

FA Cup final : Gooners for a day


Well, the football season may be over for most teams, but even though we don’t have a game this weekend, not entirely for us. The FA Cup final, happening tomorrow, is looking to be the event that could ultimately define our season. Did we qualify for Europe through the league? We’ll find out tomorrow.

I must say, beyond the self-interest, I wouldn’t actually mind if Villa won. I’d still say the 2003 cup final was a more gutting than relegation. All that hope, gone after 90 minutes. Even so though, I’m probably going to be a gooner for a day. Would love to see Saints play (and stay) in Europe next year, and would definitely try to get to a few fixtures.


I’m ambivalent papster.

It’s win-win for me.

Arsenal win and we get European football.

Villa win and we avoid the damoclesian routine of Thursday-Sunday football that has wrecked so many teams’ Premiership campaigns.


Annoyingly, I can’t see past Villa for this one. Having watched a bit of Arsenal recently and wanted them to win (Swansea) they seem to firmly believe in the pass, pass, pass, fuck it up style of football we ourselves have been trying to perfect.

Like a holiday to Thailand with the Mrs, I can see this being a highly frustrating day.


I’m ambivalent papster.

It’s lose-lose for me.

Arsenal win and we have the damoclesian routine of Thursday-Sunday football that has wrecked so many teams’ Premiership campaigns.

Villa win and we miss out on European football.


papster, I think I’m being trolled.

I don’t want to get anyone banned from papsweb, but please could you ban The Bear?






i was only jokes i am deffo pro gooners tomoz, I’m even going up the Arse tonight to pay my respects, if bird agrees


I’ve got a mate on Facebook that is supposed to be Pompey, but for the second year running, has stuck a load of pictures of him and his sons up wearing Arsenal shirts.

Best fans in the world, eh?


Franny seems ambivalent.


I am so up the Arsenal tomorrow I am going to charge myself £7.50 for a beer tomorrow, watch the match in silence, grumble a bit and then leave early. It’s just my way of showing respect.


Originally posted by @pap

Franny seems ambivalent.

I get this point of view, but I dont agree with it. The team will learn and grown from having any kind of European experience and squad wise well be as ready for it next season as we will any. It’s going to be tough to manage form over the season, but that’s the risk. Get it right, and we’ll be making significant step up.


I’m gonna kidnap some kids from Southampton, and ruin them completely.


Bear, if you get banned, will you start your own forum?


i will prob go back to mumsnet, i used to post on there as a GP from Rochdale who specialises in early diagnosis of breast cancer, just send me pictures yo


Hey Bearsy, are you Prince William? I noticed in the newspaper he’s a Villa supporter. And like him, you seem to have a lot of interest in Royal babies…


i just really love baby cambridge bc He was born vaginally + bc He is our saviour, but i don’t really think He is royal baby i think He is more divine than that i.e. like baby jesus + prob He is born of angel seed + i don’t think He is really villa supporter i think He prob likes QPR


So you’re Kate?


no kate is i.e. mary and wills is i.e. joseph and i am more like disciple like i.e. peter. we are still casting for mary magdalene and i.e. judas in the Greatest Story Ever Told Part 2 The Tellening


Well, just covered Villa at 5/1 for £20. This means that if Saints get into Europe, I’ve paid £20 for the privilege. If we don’t, I win £100. I’ve insured the day!