⚽ FA Cup Final - 2018-19 :mancityfc: v :watfordfc:

Right, it’s the FA Cup Final today and oddly I’m looking forward to watching it.

Who’s going to win the tin?

  • City to win the domestic treble for the first time (outside of women’s football)
  • Hornets have waited 30+ years. It’s their time.

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Could you add another response to the poll for those who don’t give a fuck?




EDIT: Have you not bothered to watch abide with me being sung at the home of football?

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Nah, populist clap-trap. It’ll never catch on


Well it’s got me interested.

I even made Mrs Bletch’s pre-run (10k), carb-loading, tagliatelle Bolognese early so I could watch the match in peace.

You grumpy funster.

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Enjoying the game with a gin and tonic. This is my weekend. Work tomorrow. :lou_angry:

Looking forward to Kevin Friend ruining this game.


Red wine here.

FYI, not everyone defines dismembering as work.

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To be honest I forgot it was on…

That’s play.

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VAR in operation so appointing Friend makes sense. Take the shittest cunt and show the whole world how VAR can make even that prick acceptable.

This attack v counter-attack approach will be fun unless Watford score.

Great game.

They said in the build-up that the refs only do one stint, which is tantamount to admitting your’re scraping the barrel.

Friend stops the dangerous looking Watford counter-attack to give them a free-kick in their one half.


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Lmfao at ducoure frantically claiming handball against kompany.

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Game over then

Nope. 6-7 to Watford.

Mark my words.


I think it will have to be 2 -5 to Watford.


City might just win this now