FA Cup Draw

FA Cup Draw


So we’ve had the excitment of the FIFA World Cup draw, and now tonight, the 4th December 2017, we have the draw for the FA Cup 3rd round proper. A glitzy star studded occasion is planned by the FA and BT Sports no doubt.

Southampton are ball 36 in tonight’s draw, one team we are sure of not getting is Pompey :lou_lol:

Palace or Sunderland away it is then!!


Used to be much better when it was drawn at 12:30 on a monday afternoon only on the radio.


On “the box” live BBC2 7pm @btripz


Fulham vs Saints …sniff


Why can we not get a league 2 or non league team away?

Should win.


Big fat fucking meh


Ever the optimist eh @sfcsim . ?



You know with Saints, it is never a definite win.


Fulham is a cracking away day if anyone fancies it. Easy transport, proper old school ground, good local pubs and a big away/neutral end means plenty of tickets.


It’d almost be like a home game for me. When are tickets likely to be on sale?


I need to be there. Its around a 20 minute walk there from Mrs Bucks’ place (past plenty of pubs) :cool:


Great, we can all crash at hers after the pub



Due to property prices here, there is room for 0.45 of another person :lou_facepalm_2:


Or 2 Paps


My brother supports Fulham. Let the rivalry begin!


Fox sports have just shown a list of the FA cup draw and for some reason have us playing Wolves ?

Stupid Shermans,


Ticket details are now on the SFC site. 3pm on Sat 6th confirmed.

I am going to be the first one to beg for a spare season ticket number please. Or two if they have been used for away games this season :lou_lol:


Tickets on sale today for season ticket holders who have two away trips. Sorry having trouble linking the full schedule.

Am waiting on a promised season ticket number before Friday so that I can grab two.