FA Cup 5th round draw

FA Cup 5th round draw


Away to West Brom…quelle surprise


That was a shite match thread starter @btripz



@btripz Bob is barred from Starting FA cup threads we are on a winning run @cobham-saint



Its 1976 all over again.

Belch’s shirts may even come back into fashion.


Away at West Brom :lou_sad:

I am willing to go if Bearsy meets us for a drink.

*edited as I was looking at the wrong month on the calendar :lou_facepalm_2:


Woah, woah, woah, WTF is going on ? I thought we’d established the new rules for match thread titles and until they are deemed loss-worthy I must insist (as the virgin of the forum) that the rules are adhered to. Shame on you BT.

Meanwhile, how the fuck did we manage to draw Watford 2 days after playing them then the same thing happens against WBA. You couldn’t write the book.

We limp on. COYR


He’ll probably be too business watching minority bros digging holes, watching porn while flipping burgers at BK or watching strippers at that sex bar that got raided a while back…lots of watching.


We normally nick results there.

Fun fact. Hawthorns is the highest ground above sea level, at 551 feet.

Makes you wonder why they haven’t signed more Ecuadorians.


Tis not the match thread @saint-cd , tis merely advisory. Hence the lack of “match thread” in the thread title…


Well recovered



And now WBA sign Sturridge on loan. You just know it… :lou_facepalm_2: :lou_facepalm_2:


Ahem, transfer thread, ahem…


And alas, like many people’s sense of dignity Southampton’s cup dreams were dashed in the West Midlands just minutes after having drank in a pub that is also a curry house.