🏆 FA Cup 5th Round 2021 - Other Games

How to follow the FA Cup fifth round

Tuesday, 9 February (all times GMT)

Burnley v Bournemouth (17:30) - BT Sport 1

Manchester United v West Ham United (19:30) – BBC One, BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport website

Wednesday, 10 February

Swansea City v Manchester City (17:30) - BT Sport 1

Sheffield United v Bristol City (19:30) - BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport website

Leicester City v Brighton & Hove Albion (19:30) - BT Sport 2

Everton v Tottenham Hotspur (20:15) - BT Sport 1

Thursday, 11 February

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton (17:30) - BT Sport 1

Barnsley v Chelsea (20:00) - BBC One, BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport website

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Bournemouth just gone ahead at Burnley, very strong whiff of offside. Not sure if there’s VAR tonight. :thinking:

Schlong cup tied.

edit, there is VAR, Surridge was beyond the defence but behind the ball.

I turned on just in time to see the players taking a knee. The camera then panned to Jonathan Woodgate.

Any particular reason?

It made me chuckle.


Billings very unfortunate not to be given a penalty. Looked like a clear one to me.

He’s the caretaker manager isn’t he? After being senior coach for 2 days…

Or was that a rhetorical question?

Jay Rod misses absolute sitter from 2 yards :joy::joy::joy:

Bournemouth score from the penalty spot, didn’t see the incident so can’t comment on it…

Burnley 0-2 Bournemouth

it was very soft.

Man United v West Ham United is not very exciting…

Extra time being played, yawn

And Man United score in the first period of Extra Time

Brandon Williams came on in extra time and looked very assured. Can see why we were after him.

Swansea just had a dangerous break, and good possession for a moment, probably for the first time since the 2nd minute. So, Garcia falls over and needs the ball putting out of play, and the ref duly obliges. Swansea pressure evaporates, City back in shape, Torres draws a great save, all within 60 seconds.

It’s almost as if Garcia meant to slip and hurt himself. :thinking::unamused:

…and now Walker mis-hits a cross which trickles past everyone into the keeper’s right corner.

That’s a bit unfair IMO. It was a good cross/pass but Jesus, who’s been pretty piss poor this year, missed it and it confused the keeper.

Commentators seemed to think it wasn’t what he intended either. It certainly didn’t look to me like he was playing that.

Haven’t got the comms on in case I have to listen to The cunt Savage.


Very wise :smile::smile:

Clubs know and exploit this all the time, it’s especially galling when a team is good enough to wipe the floor with anyone but still use it to gain an edge.

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I know. Doesn’t make it any less annoying though, like the artistry involved in “winning a penalty”. :unamused: