🏆 ⚽ FA Cup 5th Round 2021/22 - Other Games

16 mins 0-0
Posh have some pace on the break got Ake booked

Good cup tie - posh are not rolling over

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ITV getting complaints about the “industrial” language

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0-0 HT

Why can’t I just post that top line - what’s this body is unclear bollocks


You’re fvcking shit is classed as Industrial?

There was also “wanker wanker”

I this it’s not so much the language but the clarity

ITV must have the microphones in the crowd

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Palarse being bored to death by Stoke
0-0 38m

Can we play you every week


It’s 0 - 0 at Middlesbrough after 36 minutes on the BBC.
Spuds fans are claiming it’s fake news.


City finally gets one

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Bit simples tbh

That’s that

Fun while it lasted.
Tasty pass from Foden

Stoke equalised

Crystal Palce 2-1 Stoke City FT

Ohhhhh, 'Boro take the lead against Tottenham with a thumper of a goal, its been a story of missed chances so far, Middlesbrough have been well on top for most of the 2nd half and ET.



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And Middlesbrough claim their second Premier League scalp of this season’s FA Cup.


Define Spursy…?

Kane last week: “City?? Away???! Fuck, I’m up for that!! BRING IT ON, this could be my ticket out of Tottenham. :+1::+1::+1:

Kane tonight:“Middlesbrough?? Who? They aren’t going to buy me, are they. Why bother.”