🏆 :thefa: FA Cup 4th Round 2024 - :watfordfc: Watford v Saints :saints:

:trophy: :thefa: FA Cup 4th Round 2024 - :watfordfc: v :saints:

Predict the :watfordfc: v :saints: FA Cup Outcome
  • :saints: going to rip :watfordfc: a new one, :saints: to win in normal time
  • :saints: to win after Extra Time
  • :saints: are going to concentrate on the league and capitulate to :watfordfc:, :watfordfc: to win in normal time
  • :watfordfc: to win after extra time

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Its idiots posting stats like this ghat ensures we will lose Sunday.



No witty poll suggestions so a rubbish one created.

I will be at my brother in laws funeral all day Sunday and the filipino way is not a lot of alcohol to be had.
Probably because if lots of family and alcohol another funeral will be soon behind the first.
So updates here please.

I will be at this one with nephew and great-nephew. No doubt great-nephew will be wearing his Watford kit like last time.

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Disown him

It’s the only option.

Normal service is resumed

This is what happens when you rely too much on the feckless feckers on here Bob.

I hate to be boring but options 2 and 4 are unlikely as there can be no extra time. There are still replays in this round.

So I’ll go for Saints go back to St Mary’s for a replay after Watford equaliser in the 99th minute with a clear handball.

It’s what happens at Watford.

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Burial postponed until Tuesday so no issue of keeping your " We are losing" messages off of here :grin:

Could always lend him to Elton?

Yeah, i realise there’s replays now, can’t change the poll without losing everyone’s votes though…

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That’s how you do it.
Total respect to Ipswich. No fucking around. Show total respect to the single most important job - promotion.
Enough faffing around just go out and lose - genius. I tell you now, if fvcking Martin sends ANYONE other than our U-16s up there by minibus for tomorrow he has last all my respect.
How can he risk injuries or worse to our superstars when we have worked so hard to get into the 3rd place!

Well played Ipswich - genius strategic move

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How can you suggest that he send the U16s up there by minibus? It’s the M3 ffs, they could crash and get injured or worse. Plus there’s this 100-day cough doing the rounds up there too, are you insane?? IMHO, if Martin doesn’t simply forfeit the game by not turning up at all, he needs to be sacked immediately without compensation.


Don’t Let Your Son Go Down On Me.

Leeds on a different strategy. Replay away awaits :grin:

Marching in with the London Saints - en train and beer begun!


Are those Elton’s glasses?

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No Dame Edna’s… :lou_lol:


You elderly people just aren’t with it smh :wink:

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