🏆 :thefa: FA Cup 3rd Round - :saints: Saints v Walsall :wallsallfc:

:saints: v :wallsallfc: FA Cup 3rd Round Proper

Predict the :saints: v :wallsallfc: outcome
  • Martin plays the :saints: kids and the inevitable happens, they get a good humping :wallsallfc: to win
  • Martin rests some of the senior :saints: players, the :saints: kids step up to the plate, :wallsallfc: get a good thumping :saints: to win
  • score draw
  • bore draw
  • :saints: want to concentrate on the League so don’t bother turning up, :wallsallfc: to win.

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Chance to give some of the senior players a rest after a hectic festive schedule.

And watch us get humped again like in the league cup

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Oh yea of little faith

And I am the one that will lose money on it :joy:

Get your money on Walsall then, and clean up. :+1::+1::sunglasses:

Does this count in our unbeaten run?
'Cos it has all the hallmarks of a Saintsy way to fvck it up


And concentrate on the League?


The irony of reposting that as well :joy:


We should concentrate on the Cup.
We are all loving The Championship, Our Mental Health is so much better now we have the joy of winning football matches. The freedom from the horrors of VAR is liberating.
Fvck the League let’s win the Cup, earn a European Tour and carry on having fun


I’m not sure how to break this to you Phil, but that only lasts for a season or two while we still have a parachute advantage. After that, we’re stuck with the second tier for the foreseeable future.

Poll added to the OP

Sutton Squeaks.

Southampton v Walsall 1-2

Southampton are unbeaten in their past 18 Championship games but I am going to gamble on their boss Russell Martin focusing on their promotion bid. Walsall won 6-1 at Grimsby on Monday, so they will be full of confidence.

Fuck me, he still hates us??

They thrashed Grimsby?? Pah, so what. We eat teams like Grimsby for breakfast cup or no cup, as @lifeintheslowlane and I can attest from last season.

Nah, he’s still trying to hone his persona as an edgy cunt.

He has achieved 50%

Are palace trying to get an “ultras” thing going

Drums, flags, daft bloke with megaphone not watching the game

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