Ex-Saints: Lambert to be used as "bait" for Aston Villa's Benteke

Poor old Rickie. Went home to finish a career at boyhood club. It’s now being reported that he is being used as “bait” in a potential deal involving Aston Villa’s Benteke.

We gave him the number seven shirt and allowed him to become our hero. Bloody shoddy treatment from the Reds, there.


What do you expect, they are a shoddy club. Only reason Benteke would go there would be the pounds (or $$ in my currency)

You’re right, and it raises some very difficult questions for Liverpool in the near future, most notably, the one you’ve asked; why would a player go to Liverpool? Having been to Anfield a fair few times myself, I’ll concede that it is a special club. The fans make it so. Huge flags being moved around the Kop, etc. Anfield is a true temple of football, and the local fans at least are realistic.

This guy though, takes the biscuit. Southerner, 41 years old, crying his eyes out on national radio because Liverpool got hammered 6-1.


Whether they like it or not, Liverpool are now competing for the same players as us, and having to exercise a similar strategy of taking gambles on players. If Arsenal do the expected and beat Villa in the Cup Final, then the Saints offering, competition-wise at least, will be exactly the same as what is on offer at Anfield. Other factors like salary, fame and location are going to vary.

They can be proud of their history, but the lower leagues are littered with teams full of history, but with relatively little in the way of recent achievement. A decent enough example would be Preston, masters of the early game, still to experience a season in the Premier League. Or perhaps Leeds, many times in the footballing ascendancy, but now slugging it out in the Championship, still trying to hit on the winning formula. No team is immune. Not Leeds, not Man City and not Liverpool.

I think transfer-wise, they’re at a tipping point. Brendan can’t be trusted with transfers, so he’s gotta go in favour of a big name replacement.

What I love about the football industry is that EVERY supporter knows players move to big clubs for cash and if they are good clubs, honours…but what grinds my gears is the bullshit they try to pull saying its not the money…you cant put a flower in an asshole and call it a vase cause it still smells like shit

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Well, much of it is agent-driven. Sterling’s agent knows that the only time he’s getting a pay day is if Raheem signs a new contract, and he’s not particularly keen on that being 100K a week at Liverpool when there’s a bigger payday 30 miles to the east.

I feel bad for Brendan. It’s like say if you go to a lapdance club, and pay over the odds for three dancers to go home with you, but one of them doesn’t live up to her promise, one of them is so ugly you don’t want to play with her, and the other has got some kind of disgusting communicable disease that spreads through your whole defence.

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Couldn’t give a shit about Banana or Lolvren, but absolutely gutted for Rickie. He’s lost his england place, he’s got the scouse on his back and Brodge would rather give a start to the cleaner up front. Lad deserves better than that.

Hope he comes back to Saints one day and coaches or something. He should always have a home here.

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Not QPR, Rickie.