Decided to do a new weekly feature on the blog, just ranting about stuff.

Week 1 - Our infatuation with certain former players.



Correct weight sir


Yep absolutely.


I cannot open the link

But do you not usually get a restraining order for Ex- Infatuations?


We used to have a bloke on here who did a really good Saints blog similar to yours.

Unfortunately he’s no longer around.


There is a faction within the club (probably every club) who need to believe that the people who run haven’t got a clue what they are doing and use any stick to beat them with. A classic example is a former player who has been moved on being surplus to requirements. The moment they do anything special, no matter how ordinary they are the rest of the time, it is seen as a massive mistake to let them go. It was the right thing to do for both the club and JRod to let him move on. He clearly isn’t the same player that he used to be before that shocking injury but he will have days when he does shine, and good luck to him (but not against us thanks). Jack Cork was the other example used and sums it up perfectly. Did a good job for us but wasn’t good enough to hold down a regular spot, so, fair play, he moved on. It doesn’t stop those who have issues with Reed and the club using them in their agenda though. Would either JRod or Cork be regular starters for us now?