:pl: :evertonfc: Everton v Southampton :saintsfc: (live on :sky_logo: Sports)

:evertonfc: v :saintsfc:

Moved to Monday 1st March, 20:00 KO

  • :evertonfc: win
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I can predict this one easily enough


Not holding out much hope for this one, at least the team have nearly a week off now…

Get the rosaries out and pray for:

Diallo fit or miracle recovery of Romeu. Or both.
KWP somehow recovers
Someone finds Danny’s mojo
A lucky goal or two
Ridiculoudly biased refereeing in our favour
VAR forensically discovering penalties, red cards, offsides (or non offsides as appropriate) in our favour


Arse pumping 3-0 Everton.


What shit news. Minamino out too, our injury problems are never ending it seems.

And they’ll never get mentioned on commentary either…

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We’re cursed I tell you, cursed! Never know such a run of injuries as this. Feel for Ralph, his job gets harder every bloody week!


The reality is, going back 2 or 3 seasons, we have actually been very lucky and avoided injuries, I imagine a lot of it this year is the fact we cannot use the facilities at Staplewood as we used to Cryo Chambers, Ice Baths after training etc, all off llimits, not to mention the unrelenting schedule.

All those who voted for the Cup win bear some responsibility as well. Extra games and the Leeds pitch was relayed after we should have played them…

Its good to see the board coming out and backing him for his impossible task with words of encouragement and saying they’ll back him in the transfer window, we’re so lucky to have owners like the cunts we have…



This is a great opportunity for Jankewitz to step up and make a claim for a regular place, but will Ralph trust him to start? I know that the phrase being down to the bare bones has become a standing joke but we are now down to the bare fossils.

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This is a bit different from the Manc game.
Then he had no choice but Stephens at RB
Now (hopefully) he can set up Moussa to help Bednarek at RB which worked to a degree v Chelsea.
Which gives him the choice between Weird Al OR Jack Stephens in CM.

Glad I’m not a manager, logic would say try Stephens there…

I look at Hassenhutl and I see a near broken man, the club has broken a great aspirational forward thinking man into a corner, he can’t go forward with the game plans he wants and he doesn’t have the personel through injuries, loans and not buying.
This is also doubled down due to the fact we don’t have a the required standard in a number positions, that said our first XI is still the best for a number of years, I really believe that, its the squad and the lack of quality youth that is coming through that will really hurt us when the better players move on.
As I said a broken man and its the clubs doing.

Just a question - d’you think that Ralph’s style of play is having something to do with all these injuries or are we just unlucky? I’m not suggesting he should change but what d’you think?

I do wonder about that. A lot of it involves challenging for the ball at awkward angles, not to mention the intensity involved. Although he says not, you have to consider the number of similar injuries our players are getting.

Drastic times call for drastic measures. I’ve dropped Danny from my Fantasy team in the hope that it’ll trigger a hattrick.


I think the biggest issue is the lack of the usual fancy technical sports science recovery facilities available to us after each game due to COVID restrictions.

We are probably running LESS this season than last because we have more possession this year.

Add to that the relentless fixture schedule, an FA Cup run and a small squad = fucked.

This will account for the muscle injuries we’ve had but Smallbone’s ACL is freak and can happen anytime, but Romeu’s ankle may well have been directly because of that monstrosity of a pitch in Leeds.