Everton pre-match drinks

I’ll be back for this one. I have a bit of a knee problem (ie it’s fucked) so could we do the Stable? If there’s a few coming I’ll book a table

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I can dig it. I’ll sort your knee for you at some point, but I can’t take the bow saw, cold chisels and other bits I’ll need into St Mary’s so it won’t be Saturday.


Sounds good to me. I shall be falling off my self imposed wagon.


Excellent. I’ll let you know when I’m doing his knee - your expertise will be very useful.

I will bring the lump hammer.

Really appreciate the offer of DIY surgery - what are friends for after all? - but I’ll take my chances with the NHS thanks


Hmm, you may live to regret that choice. I can guarantee that wouldn’t happen if you let me and Goat do it.


Count me in. Not drinking though. Long story. But will be good to catch up on knee and other surgery gossip

Well, suppose that’s true - I can’t fault your reasoning

Just your sanity


Mmm, yes, I love surgery gossip me…

If you’re doing ‘dry January’ you’re dead to me. Presume you’re not though

If you’re getting the train down message me and I’ll try to get on the same one

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That will mean the difference between having your knee fixed in 2020 or Saturday pm

You’re right CB, time is a consideration

But I don’t think Fowllyd and Goat have grasped the idea of ‘replacement’ - I think if I go down the Saturday route it’l just be messy amputation followed by a bit of half-arsed decoration

Bloody ingrate.

Ffs. Anyone wanna buy a barely used aquarium and 200 litres of formaldehyde?

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i’ll take the fomaldehyde its good for getting rid of smelly feet

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Cardiff is the next one for @SimplySaint and me so we will raise our virtual glasses to your best health. See y’all in a few weeks. COYR :saints:

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Well it’s cold enough to freeze any corpses needing disposal from ye olde Stable morgue later.

Enjoy the warm all you long distance streaming warrior lightweights :coffee::tea:


I’ll be looking out for a bare chested @Bucks in the crowd :wink:


It’s days like this that internet streaming was made for @Bucks



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Not gonna make the pub as I am absolutely fucking hanging. All I can do to drag my sorry fluid arse to the ground.