🎙 💿 🧑‍🎤 Even MORE selfless self promotion! V4.0

Hi y’all!

Trick Shot are going the balls now! We have just been nominated for a South Australian “People’s Choice” Music Award in the ROCK Category!!

It would be so nice for whomever would like to vote, to vote!! Bonus points for family, neighbours, down the roads dog walkers 2nd cousin etc!!

The process from our man in England has been described as “difficult”, you have been forewarned.


Also, our debut album is dropping 27th October!!

Pre-save it on your preferred platform here

We have an album launch gig that evening too which we are endeavouring to have live streamed!! We go on at 9:15pm ACDST, so I reckon about midday if you are keen!

Cheers to ROCK!


He must have been very special indeed.

Took less than 30 secs :+1:

Yeah, I thought it wasn’t that hard either…

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I hesitate to use the word “retard” because we’re not allowed to use words like that these days up here.

you can vote as many times as you like just change the email address every time they dont check the address is real

Solid plan :wink:

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I have voted three times for you :rofl: :rofl:

Go you!!! Well played :star_struck: