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Odd match report from Phil McNulty.

He must have been watching a different game to me. Bayern looked well on top, and near certain to equalise before Upemecano had his brain fart and pissed the game away. That goal changed the whole balance of the game. City had had a degree of control for some of the game before the second goal, but at 1 down Bayern seemed strong favourites to me to get at least a draw. :thinking:

McNumpty has form for posing as a balanced reporter…. :roll_eyes:

Discuss here or in the (experimental) chat channel.

tried it

tumbleweed over there

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Same here…

Thing with the matchday threads is that when things are going fairly well (i.e. we’re still at 0 - 0) nobody wants to comment in case it prompts everything to turn to shit. When it does everyone posts at the same time. :frowning_face:

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True, but is a chat going to make it any better…?

That remains to be seen. :worried:

So where we gonna play tonight? Lols at Frank thread, this or the Chat?
Make yer minds up im pouring a beer and firing up the VPN machine

Opps first Chelsea booking 5 mins.

Chilwell off.

American Idol Showstoppers pt 2 is tbh, far more stimulating.

The music is ok as well


Taters all think that Chelsea are still in the tie :lou_facepalm_2:


Been busy.
Just seen Utd result


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Gets a straight red Var overrules
Gives away a stupid penalty
Haaland does a Beckham.


Now he’s fallen over in front of Haaland who scores.

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Sound on

Upa Maguire

Tuned in to lol at utd going 2 down, but VAR trying to spoil the fun
Boo offside still 1-0