Europa, who is doing the away culture?

Europa, who is doing the away culture?


I have been given a one away pass, despo want some random in the arse of no wheres, who else is going? Can not wait seriously.


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I have been given one despo random in the arse, who else? Cannot wait.

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Saved enough airmiles & couple of vacatoon days - have a mate in Baku & family in Krakow which would make getting tickets easier.

Dubai Krew took 9 to Arnhem, would love Krakow to get through & show you lot the House of Beer & Vodka Bar.

Plus make a fortune in fees by introducing Bearsy to Mrs D_P’s pals…


I will do as many as I can, dependent on when the matches are and when I’m on holiday in those months.


Hoping to do a couple of the group away, but 1 would be amazing. Then any extras after the groups, it is more to do with money than anything, but you can do some on the cheap.

Cannot wait!


I did both last series (Are you sure its not season, Beltch?) and fully intend to do them all this time.


Crippling levels of unexpected expenses mean I’ll likely miss every single opportunity, unless we reach the latter stages. Unless any of you lot love me enough to bankroll a trip. :innocent:

Genuinely gutting timing and I’ll be hurting through every missed away. Everything was looking financially rosy when it looked like we didn’t have a hope in hell of qualifying!


Read that as “I’ve been given a one way pass”

missus fed up with you as well?



She is always fed up with me.


It will depend on the draw and the schedule but I would expect my lad and I to do a couple. Permission off the boss has been granted.


Count me in


Can’t you get your trip sponsored by Brewdog?


I see Astana is still in there. Been there and that would be fun for the boys