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Norwegian superstars Odegaard, Haaland, Berger and Elyonoussi cruising apparently comfortably to a one-nil win against a pretty toothless Scotland. Who suddenly equalise out of nothing after 85 minutes, then administer the sucker punch two minutes later.

Norway 1 Jocks 2.

Stuey came on for the last ten or fifteen minutes.

But didn’t score…

Well I can tell you things in Slowlane Mansion are getting really exciting. The game against North Macedonia is THE BIG ONE for most of our staff.

That vicious, ugly tackle Rice just got a well-deserved yellow for would have had any PL player straight on the deck and screaming for an ambulance.

The fact that the Macedonian didn’t is enough for the commentary team to whine about the card.

What have we become. :cry:

Proper goal by Saka


Hat Trick for Saka


Kane Pen


Tbf anyone can look good if they’re given a shit team to play against.

Surprised North Macedonia haven’t stepped up :joy:

My staff are gutted, most have lost a lot of money. Most went for an 8 - 0 defeat. :worried:


One of those games where there’s such a gulf in quality between the teams it’s always going to be a bit embarrassing. I mean, imagine if Premier League Southampton FC were drawn in the cup against someone like, oh, say Grimsby Town. The only question is how many goals are the shit side going to concede. :unamused::smile:


It rained in Glasgow.
So they went off
Just as it should be ending Game about to restart 6 minutes played 1-0 Jocks

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Oh they kept THIS very quiet.
2-0 up as well

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I’m not sure, but I think Bednarek said “we were fvcking shit” in his post match interview. OK so it was Polish but tit sounded like that on the news

You mean - Oh, Phil kept that quiet?


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Nope the family were GUTTED when I saw it on the news earlier!


I’m now ROFL’ing to the opening ceremony ling in other sports news