:uefa_logo: ⚽ Euro 2020 - The Sweepstake to end all Sweepstakes

Not having the time (or inclination) to replicate @saintbletch’s coding skills and not having Celebrities to hand I decided to simulate the draw for the Euro 2020 Sweepstake using a website ( https://www.randomresult.com/)

For this I plugged in all the names of the forum cohort that had signed up for the Sweepstake and used team numbers based on the groups

So Turkey would be Place #1, Italy Place #2, all the way to Germany who are Place #24 (with me so far).

So with no delay and no fanfare and no funky video here are the results of the draw…

Turkey :turkey: @WorzelScummage
Italy :it: @DellBoy
Wales :walesisntit: @goatboy
Switzerland :switzerland: @CB-Saint
Denmark :denmark: @lifeintheslowlane
Finland :finland: @PhilippineSaint
Belgium :belgium: @Waylander
Russia :ru: @Cobham-Saint
Netherlands :netherlands: @Fowllyd
Ukraine :ukraine: @BTripz
Austria :austria: @Saint-CD
North Macedonia :macedonia: @Shroppie
England :engerland: @Lets-B-Drinking
Croatia :croatia: @Map-Of-Tasmania
Scotland :scotchland: @gavstar
Czech Republic :czech_republic: @Polski_Filip
Spain :es: @scotty
Sweden :sweden: @Bucks
Poland :poland: @Simon-says
Slovakia :slovakia: @SimplySaint
Hungary :hungary: @JxgrSaint
Portugal :portugal: @Rugbysaint
France :fr: @pap
Germany :de: @tigger

So, I suppose commiserations to @lifeintheslowlane, whilst I believe @Pap has the favourites for the competition although Paddy Power has England as favourites

Full draw can be verified here

That’s it, I’m out. How do we apply for a refund ? I’m sure there’s a rule on distance buying and a cooling off period ? Fucking Australia, its not even in the European Union.


Mighty Magyars - France, Germany & Portugal don’t have a chance…

@pap gets France? Arse licker

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@Goatboy Wales lol.

In other news I shall adopt the motto of the Italian SAS… who cares who wins!


Uhm… let me be the first to Congratulate BT on the most boring draw ever… I mean FFS where was the drawn out FIFA style balls within balls and a 3 hour warm up…


What can I say, I tried to get some local celebs involved but they were all like “do something for that bunch of ingrates? Jog on”…

I even asked leTiss but he couldn’t hear me through his tin foil head covering…


Russia?? 75/1…

Am I too late for a refund?

naja vielen dank


Fuck me boyo.

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You must have missed the “sold as seen” on the bottom of your entry tickets…

Was that the bit in invisible ink?

Ooh la fucking la!

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I’ve got Ukraine who have got a very provocative shirt design for the Championship…

You ever thought of taking over Germany from Austria? It’s been done before, like.

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He’d be a fool to try taking me over…


I’d say you’re sitting pretty with your allocated team. I’m reasonably happy with Spain, though :grin:

I just hope you’ve left airholes in (this) Mr Tigger’s box :slight_smile:


No one offering me any sympathy? I’ve got zero chance.

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