:uefa_logo: Euro 2020 - Group F - 🇭🇺 Hungary v Portugal 🇵🇹 (Live on :itv_logo:)

Euro 2020 - Group F - @JxgrSaint :hungary: v :portugal: @Rugbysaint

Let the game begin, 10 minutes ago…

I only just noticed no Cedric in the squad. My bad.

How is that regular playing time going?

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It’s less exciting than that…

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Think there could be a Euors game to play

Leaders in Euros

Orban - Hungary
Duda - Slovakia
Johnstone (almost) - England
Must be others

Fuck I went for Hungary 1:3 Portugal :man_facepalming:

Based on shirt preferences tbf, so I deserve the outcome if it stays 0:0

How’s your luck Portugal?

Ah, if it stays 0:1 I get a result

That escalated quickly

Ronaldo had now scored in 10 successive tournaments, 5 successive Euros, and now has 10 goals in Euro finals, out on his own now…

Silly boy…what made you think Hungary would score

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3-0 to Portugal now, Ronaldo again.

Also now has 106 international goals, 3 behind the leading male scorer…Ali Daei of Iran

Holy crap - didn’t expect that when I tuned in at 0:0: on 80mins


Did make my betfair account better looking after they did score

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Oh dear, sorry @TheMightyOstrich and @Rugbysaint, @Goatboy and I are smiling though…

I’m happy sitting joint 3rd at this stage

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Nice little warm up game. Now on to zee Germans! :crossed_fingers:t4:

He’s still a cunt though.

Pity that open goal miss in the first half will be forgotten. 0-0 would have been epic.

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