:uefa_logo: Euro 2020 - Group E - 🇸🇰 Slovakia v Spain 🇪🇸 (Live on :itv_logo:)

Euro 2020 - Group E @SimplySaint :slovakia: v :es: @scotty

Come on @scotty
Betfaiir tells me you are going to win.

Correction I told Betfair you were going to win. :slight_smile:

Spain win a VAR intervened penalty, and it’s saved…


Comedy goal there for the Spaniards

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Was going to say, comedy own goal alert, can’t describe it, it’s got to be seen

1-0 to Spain…

Dubravka is giving this game to Spain, another error from him gifts Spain a goal

Slovakia 0-2 Spain

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0-2 Spain

As it stands Spain going through and Slovakia going out with Finland, Ukraine will be through…

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Fuck my luck, my team’s winning and I’m stuck on a cruise ship. :rage::rage::rage:

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3-0 to Spain, good team goal…

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4-0 Torres scores with his first touch…

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5-0 Spain

What happened there I was preparing a spaghetti carbonara