:uefa_logo: Euro 2020 - Group E - 🇵🇱 Poland v Slovakia 🇸🇰 (Live on :itv_logo:)

Euro 2020 - Group E - @Simon-says :poland: v :slovakia: @SimplySaint

Let’s hope Bednarek is telling Lewandowski what a nice place Southampton is to play football.

Not getting any tonight.
In more ways than one…

A hush falls over the bars of Poland…Slovakia take the lead.

That was prime early Forster there at the near post by the keeper.

Yep went down in easy instalments.

For the record Bednarek wasn’t involved in the debacle.

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And someone wont be tonight.
Too much gnashing of teeth and multiple Kourvas

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There is a local irony that Duda’s performance is causing Poland problems

I now understand why my builders left an hour earlier than normal.


30 seconds after the restart and Poland have their equaliser. 1 - 1.


Oh dear, @Polski_Filip will be sleeping in the building area tonight

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Wooo…Slovakia take the lead again 1 - 2 68 minutes.

She has gone to hang the washing out :man_facepalming:


The whisky bottle is being sought.
Mumbles about what is on the Hallmark Channel

Having found a Neurologist who will see me Thursday, anyone know a hearing specialist?

Kourva Bednarek cretinka pierdola Kourva are you blind what do they teach you at Southampton kourva

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