:uefa_logo: Euro 2020 - Group B - 🇷🇺 Russia v Denmark 🇩🇰 (Live on the :bbc:)

Euro 2020 - Group B - @Cobham-Saint :ru: v :denmark: @lifeintheslowlane

It is fvcking hot.
I have cold beer
Hoping for a Vestergaard worldy

I hate it when teams play in their alternate kits for no reason, confuses me no end…

Ah, just realised that Ron Atkinson is commentating on this one, still better than Alan Green I suppose…

Commies arent bothered about social distancing

Hang on that’s the danes

Exactly, changed strips for no reason…

Danny Murphy “Hojberg not know for his goal scoring”!, should be “known for not scoring”

It has been a great success.
Screwed you lot up!


Golovin’s shot was more likely to hit Mir than trouble Schmeichel…

0-1 Denmark

He mishit that surely, looked like he hit the ground before he struck the ball…

Good goal mind

Sidefooted to perfection.
Quality goal that

And that’s the half, Russia looking comfortable until the Damsgaard wonder goal

:ru: 0 - 1 :denmark:

Fucking hell the Danes have more money than sense - I certainly wouldn’t be lobbing my £8 pint in the air


Used to be standard practice at Barasti in the day.
Now that’s my budget for a whole night out in Krakow!

The reds implode

Epic fail.
Meme incoming
Gulag stay booked

Some tackles flying in here

Penalty to Russia…Vestegaard holding the Russian player who goes down a bit easy…

And converted

:ru: 1-2 :denmark:

Where are @Cobham-Saint and @lifeintheslowlane, shouldn’t they be supporting their teams?