:uefa_logo: Euro 2020 - Group A - 🇮🇹 Italy v Wales :walesisntit: (Live on :itv_logo:)

Euro 2020 - Group A - @DellBoy :it: v :walesisntit: @Goatboy

Oh…grudge match…

…and they’re off.

A draw methinks.

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Try posting on the right game.


Haha… :flushed:

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Fuckwits :wink:

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You let us loose without supervision this is what you get.
I blame @BTripz where is he, no doubt flaunting social distancing on the beach at Sandbanks. :lou_facepalm_2:

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I’m here, not at sandbanks, too hot for a beach today anyway…

Not against Italy they don’t. :lou_facepalm_2:

Aneurin Bevin, porri, Dai il disoccupato, Super Furry Animals, Charlotte Church, cacciatori di uova, la tua signora non tosata a quattro zampe, Goldie Looking Chain, torte gallesi, Sir Tom Jones, Tidy!, bruciatori di cottage.


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Gallwch chi symud eich ystumiau amlwg a’ch gwedd olewydd seimllyd i fyny’ch anws clogog pasta.

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In bocca al lupo @Goatboy!

Speriamo che il calcio vinca oggi e che il mondo si unisca in pace e armonia.

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Peli cig i ginio!
Pob lwc bachgen mammy!

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Jestem na grillu, mam piłkę nożną piwną?

neden günün büyük maçına ilgi yok? 2-0 İsveç

Why wasn’t that a booking for simulation?

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TBF he didn’t appeal for a penalty. You are still allowed to fall over.



Good goal at that, Wales currently 2nd in the group on GD, they’d better not concede more as Switzerland look like they might score a hatful.

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I think he realised how iffy it looked so didn’t appeal tbh, but for a moment I thought the ref was giving it.

Ramsey lost the plot when easier to score

Ampado ?? spelling sent off?

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