:uefa_logo: Euro 2020 - Eighth Finals the Matches

Thought I’d create one thread for all the matches…

Sat 26th June 17:00 Wales :walesisntit: v :denmark: Denmark
20:00 Italy :it: v :austria: Austria
Sun 27th June 17:00 Netherlands :netherlands: v :czech_republic: Czech Republic
20:00 Belgium :belgium: v :portugal: Portugal
Mon 28th June 17:00 Croatia :croatia: v :es: Spain
20:00 France :fr: v :switzerland: Switzerland
Tues 29th June 17:00 England :engerland: v :de: Germany
20:00 Sweden :sweden: v :ukraine: Ukraine

Some, hopefully, good matchups there

A 6pm England kick off here.
I have buses I could go to the Pub.
I fly to UK a week later and it is all test test test
Is it worth the risk? I am double jabbed.

Head:“it’s Germany”

So that’s an easy decision then.home it is.


Of course you did. :unamused:

to be followed shortly by 8 individual threads.

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As I have nowt else to do for next 20 mins before the world ends (storms sweeping in).
Can I be the first to say.

And then the Germans win on Penalties.


Look if you lot are going to get arsey with me because I restrict it to one thread after you all whinged and whined about the individual group stage threads then I will create a individual thread for each fricking match.

So there…

Thank you, Nostradamus :smile::smile:

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You’re welcome.

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I’ve no doubt you will.


Perhaps explains the loss in form…

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I thought the taffs were supposed to be a nation of singers? FFS, what a tuneless fucking racket, someone turn off the volume :rage::rage:


Bale misses the target

I have
The Cunt Savage is on comms.


Which unlucky sod has Wales in the sweepstake?

Hojbjerg shit there, passing into wide open space.

Get in you Danes a well worked goal that

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Get in my beauty… Taffs 0 - 1 My Denmark. :lou_lol:

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