Epic Scale Inequality

There is a lot of inequality going around at the moment, has been going on for a while really but has definitely been getting worse recently. There’s the local level sort of inequality that people get hung up on, like footballers wages compared to the supporters wages, but then there is the epic global type of inequality that the people who get hung up on footballers wages don’t seem to care so much about. Check out some of this shit:




I saw this comment on Reddit in response to the Rothschild article above which I think is a reasonably concise statement of some of the issues with dealing with these cunts:

You don’t get rich by playing by the rules, and these people are very rich.

You can’t tax them because they’ll either find loopholes, or leave the country if they can’t find one. You can’t freeze their accounts because that’d damage too much of the overall economy and cause legal controversy. You can’t investigate them for illegal activity because they’ll bribe the people in charge.

Really you can’t take their money. Not without meticulous plans that work against their interests. You have to beat them at their own game to win, a game they have the power to change the rules of at will, a game that they’ve been playing for years and beaten everybody else along the way.

So where is this situation heading? Does the political process really offer a solution to this problem?

Looking to the UK specifically, the problem of land ownership inequality has apparently been hanging around in its current form since Norman times:

When is it time to give up on the political process?

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When Ecclestone paid £100m to dismiss corruption charges it confirms that the law has a sense of humour - and that some people are clearly above it.

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The company I work for have also paid to have bribary and corruption charges thrown of of court in the USA / Brazil and the Netherlands.

As the saying goes Bribary and Corruption works every time.

I’m quite detail oriented. Occupational hazard. You can’t really program computers if you’re not.

However, I also know full well that if I dump the detail on my customers, eyes will glaze over and some may even die from boredom. Thus, I have to reduce and simplify for the benefit of the layperson.

I don’t have to do that here, but I’m going to.

The arrangement of the world has nearly always been the same. Whether we’re talking Ancient Rome or contemporary times, it’s about people who’ve got shit exploiting those that don’t. Our entire financial system is predicated on it. Rome’s poorer citizens in the Republic needed to serve in the army (and survive) to get any semblance of civil status and human rights, and in every single generation in between, people that have shit have exploited those that don’t.

The other thing this is all predicated on is an Irish saying. It is the way it is. That’s an entirely understandable thing in an ancient context. “If I don’t do this, he’ll stick a halberd up my arse”. No-one would blame that example for thinking “it is the way it is”.

Today, I reckon we’re mental to accept this consensus. I am certain that after centuries of exploiting nation states, the Rothschilds actually do have a great pile of actual, fucking treasure. That’s not how they make their money these days. They’ve got the right to issue currency, and sit atop a banking hierarchy which is able to conjure money out of thin air based on a promise to pay.

That’s a bad enough con in and of itself, but when you consider how agents align, unwittingly or otherwise, to ensure that we all need more financial shit, because we’re not earning enough money, we’re being taxed by private monopolies while governments remove safety nets while jobs are shipped overseas, and it’s maddening.

I repeat, we are mental to accept this consensus. I don’t know why we do.

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It’ll be alright. Donald will act against these establishment types…


When is it time to give up on the political process?

Never if the process is fair, it isn’t and regardless of who is in power is weighted in favour of the ones who have had it or enjoy it, the monied classes, the old families etc etc
The saddest part is even when revolution eradicates the top a new order of corruption takes its place.

The answer?
Better voting systems, more democracy and transparency on earnings and tax returns/expenses.