English Clubs in European Competitions

Time was when English clubs played in Europe I used to put aside my partisan allegiance and want, ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool to do well.

That was then…now all I want are for these Billy BBs to come a cropper.

When did that happen and why?

Is it just me or has everyone else’s attitudes changed in recent years?


You’re quite right 'slowlane, when I was growing up … a bit of an oxymoron … the whole country would become a Liverpool or Nottingham Forest fan for the day, when they played in Europe, it was a special occasion to watch them pit their wits against the cream of europe.

Now, I can’t even be arsed to change channel to watch Leicester in the CL quarter finals. If United get to the final of the Europa, I’ll probably watch it, I’ll certainly hope they win but I definitly wont care enough to be urging them on. The last time I remember feeling any passion for an English side in Europe was the scouse in Istanbul.

Commercialism would be the chief culprit in a broad sense, more specifically two reasons spring to mind.

First because televised football is so accessable nowadays, watching Euopean competitions is just run of the mill stuff. 30 years ago the only live club football screened would be the 2 domestic cup finals, the charity shield and the latter stages of European competitions (if one of our teams progressed in it). It made it so much more special.

Also, in those days, unlike today, english clubs largely consisted of actual english players (with a smattering of scots/welsh/irish) Battling johnny foreigner was more about a sense of national pride, than love of a particular club.

Now, a lot of people don’t have any feelings of national pride when it comes to football. I can’t remember when I last did … the Gazza/Lineker days I guess.

… nowadays for me, unless it’s Saints, I really don’t give a rats arse !!


No it’s not just you. I used to want British teams to do well in Europe but all that started to change in the 90s. There are some teams I hope lose and others I don’t give a toss about. I really don’t want United to win the Europa Cup. I really can’t recall why it happened though.


I get very strange loooks when at work and the football is on and I cheer a goal against Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, well every team apart from Saints.

“But your U.K.” Is the Cry

“No I am Ampshire” is the retort “and unless you want your appraisal downgraded you will support Southampton.”

The Shirts on board Barcelona (not a problem) AC Milan (not a problem) Arsenal (why are you wearing that shirt) Man Utd (why are you wearing that shirt) Liverpool (why the fuck are you wearing that shirt)


That’s the attitude Phil

One thing never changes, Partisan football support … where ‘unreasonable’ and ‘petty’ are considered qualities :lou_lol:


Just doing my bit for the Saints Empire that is going for world domination @steveintheforest


Well so far I’ve upvoted all the replies simply because they echo my feelings perfectly.

Although my better half is a Saints supporter she thinks it odd the blind support isn’t relaxed a little when it comes to European football. I suppose being “partisan” has verying degrees but having just googled the word these are the ones I feel most describes my feelings…and makes me feel proud.

Biased, prejudiced, one-sided, coloured, discriminatory, preferential, bigoted, sectarian, factional, unjust, inequitable, unbalanced.


When Baz reads this thread that will blow his mind.

He will have to support the premier league and not one team :lou_lol:


Whoops…in that case better add…unwilling to integrate. :lou_lol:


It’s difficult to get excited about the fortunes of big clubs because you have to put up with their fucking fans in your midst.

Bit confusing at work. All these lads from Warrington saying “we this” and “we that”. You need a fucking mental map just to make any sense of it.

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This. I’ve worn a replica shirt abroad in the past (no, not in Lanzarote, Marbella etc) in Latin America/India/US etc. I have a missionary zeal in spreading the word but I now know that there are perhaps another 100 people around the world who keep an eye out for Saints results who otherwise might be supporting a bunch of big club wankers. They have been saved. I consider my work to be done.


My strategy is converting Americans that don’t know any better.


I’ve been trying to think when I gave up on the other teams. I was rooting for United against Benfica back in 68 and for the likes of Celtic, Leeds and Forest. It probably started when United went down and went back up again but seem to attract the “plastics” after that. I was all for Liverpool back in the days when they were a decent football club too. Maybe it was the money that they started to spend. It became less about what you could achieve as a football club and more about buying up all the quality players you could. You used to be able to be proud of what you club achieved because it was done “the right way.” Even when Clough spent £1m on Francis to bolster the Forest European challenge, it didnt feel wrong. But that was the start of the slippery slope and the likes of Chelsea and Citeh have spent fortunes on trying to achieve success. I really cant get excited about teams who spend a fortune on trophies.

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Yeah I think you’re right SoG…I was with those early European campaigns until big clubs started to be picked-off by the mega-rich, bankrolling them into prominence. Players became disposable assets, not loyal persons who didn’t have to “kiss the badge” to demonstate it.


OK so this evening we have the Europa League Final…Man Untd Vs. Ajax.

Who do we want to win…

Personally, I’m looking forward to an entertaining game…who comes out on top? I’m not much fussed.


Utd’s attitude towards the League Cup final irked me, they weren’t that fussed about it because they were expecting to win the Europa League later in the season so I hope Ajax show them up tonight. They have a team filled to the brim with incredible youngsters and if they manage to keep hold of most of them they could go on to become a real force - and actually a very good blueprint for Utd to work off as well considering how many good young players they have in their ressies.


I hope they have an important goal incorrectly ruled out for offside.


Yep there is the Untd supporters feeling of entitlement that I find hard to stomach. The early exit of hundreds of their supporters before the League Cup had been presented said it all for me.


Fuckin hell pathetic mis-hit Pogba shot flies in off the foot of the Ajax defender. United 1 up.

Really like the look of Bertrand Traore. Reminds me of a more technically-gifted JayRod.

Ajax need to be careful about committing too many forward, Utd aren’t too proud to score a route-one counter attack goal.