England vs. Portugal



Half time 0 - 0 Spine tingling stuff!

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You can see that Roy has been working hard on the training field to turn quite an exciting, attacking looking line up into the same old boring, conservative shit-fest.

Well done.


Come on boys, do it for Maddie!

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That was some tackle 'slowlane.


Glad it’s a friendly.

At least we’re keeping Ronaldo quiet

So this is our attacking team? Against 10 men we still look clueless. Jesus we are boring!

An hour gone…time to dip into Woy’s bargain bucket of tired tactical variations. How about something groundbreaking…like bringing Niviaboy ON at 60 minutes . :lou_lol:

Glad we found room for Rooney.

“They are playing against 10 men, with two of the top strikers in the Premier League and the Portugal keeper has had nothing to do.”

Bruce Springsteen is playing Wembley this weekend. He’s 66. He’s still got more energy than this England XI combined.


“It is really dismal, the tempo of the game, nothing has changed. These are players fighting for their place - the line-up is not guaranteed.”


With the form that Sterling, Rooney and Wilshere have been in, they basically selected themselves.

They must have fucking selected themselves, because no other fucker with a plan would have done.


Some crackers.

A man in the crowd is filming this game on a camcorder. Not seen one of those in a few years.

You’re never going to watch this back mate. NEVER.

Well thank god Portugal haven’t qualified for Euro 2016 they’ve really showed us up…


Here he comes


Sturridge, ffs. Give the nipper a go.

Sturridge’s form means he basically selected himself.

Nice to see on of the subs has made an effective contribution.

Take a bow Jose.

I think I’m glad I’m not watching this.