England vs Italy

we look decent :lou_surprised:

We are 1-0 up from a brilliantly taken quick free kick.

Oh, I forgot about this game too.


Ho, hum…

Italy started well (aided by a couple of classic Jon Stones brain farts) with Immobile missing a couple of good chances.

Since then England have looked dangerous. Good goal too.

It’s amazing what we can achieve without Rooney.

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Lot of traffic on here tonight @cb-saint & @goatboy .

I’ve only posted so that you two aren’t left all alone on the thread - people might talk if there isn’t a witness. / chaperone


Normal service has resumed .zzzzzzzzz

Ashley young gets booked for rolling back onto the pitch after being injured off it. Tit.

VAR given a penalty to italy

1-1 shithouse

Have to say we have looked worse since Nivea boy came on


That’d be Brickoli Shithouse the Milan right centre back right?

Woke up and saw the game stopped for VAR penalty for Italy.

did they not see he got the ball first and then stood on his foot ?

not a penalty. :lou_angry:

I watched Celebrity Bake off. It’s for cancer so it’s ok (and it actually made me laugh quite a bit). Mel Sykes has always been a favourite of mine. Mrs Fatso says she’s too thin but that is clearly just jealously.