England vs. Germany - Meaningless "Friendly"

England vs. Germany - Meaningless "Friendly"


England scratch around the Premier League to give a few brave battlers their “day in the sun” or in reality “evening under floodlights” against Germany’s finest also-rans.

Should make a unique bloodless rememberance with both sides wearing poppies.


Haha…ITV tater keeps calling Abrahams, Loftus-Cheek. :lou_facepalm_2:

Highlight so far for me.


Phil Jones off injured…Joe Gomez on…who?


Promising, young, home-grown* Liverpool centreback/right back.

*Home-grown as in Charlton grew him at their home and Liverpool bought him.


I swear Hoddle just called Draxler Dracula.


Pickford already showing he is better than Hart.


But he’s no Forster.


0 - 0 Uh…great result…discuss. On second thoughts, let’s not discuss.


Thought they played ok against a full strength Germany , Loftus-Cheek stood out, Pickford was good.


It appears 3 regular posters on here watched it.

That’s the real talking point.


Pointless and meaningless - If the game mattered in any way, Germany would have battered us.


The BBC’s report headline

England hold Germany to draw.

We were playing at home and if the right players and manger were involved should have stuffed them 4-2 like back in 66. :lou_lol:

but all we got was a tepid 0-0 draw.


In my defence I was talking, drinking and reading at various stages during the game. If there were raised voices from the commentary I would look up, watch the replay and relate anything of note to all you good Sotonians.

I did note pre-match, half and full time.

Hope you appreciated the comprehensive coverage. :lou_lol:


Nothing else on.


It was ok as you say, for a makeshift team. We had a few chances but Germany carved us open easily on occasions and you got the impression that they could step up a gear or two if they wanted. Agree about Loftus-Road and Pickford. McGuire looked good too and Bertrand was lively when he came on. I suppose a 0-0 draw was a fitting result given how close to Armistice Day it was.



I thought we won that one…


‘Full strenth Germany’- hate to dissapoint you but their ‘first’ team will contain, Kroos, Khadiera, Muller, Boateng and a couple of others. Germany have a large pool of younger players, their biggest challenge is actually going to be finding the right side and perhaps a little light in experienced defensive cover… If you takeout Ozil’ and Hummels caps, ther rest only averaged a low number too…


I didn’t even realise there was a game on tbf.

Seems I didn’t miss anything…