England v Windies - 4th ODI

In other, less excting, Cricket news England play the Windies in the fourth ODI at the Oval today


That’s the match ended as a contest then…

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Where’s Baz telling us England are Shite and haven’t performed in years?

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That’ll happen on the Ashes thread…

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Windies 100-3 with 29 overs left


Windies 150-4 Mohammad PBUH has gone for 46

Well the ECB got that wrong didn’t they

Dropped catch, well taken be Morgan with a dive but the ball pops out of his hands as it hits the deck…

Good work by Lewis rebuilding for wIndies

There, hopefully that will put the curse on him…

Pray tell what is the score @btripz

165-4 @philippinesaint

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Lewis century up

Windies reach 200 with another 12.5 0vers to go

I take it bake, Lewis has put England to the sword

256-4, 42 overs

Lewis 136* from 115

150 up for Lewis

153 from 120 balls


151 for this 5th wicket, Holder weighing in with 62 off of 50 balls

Lewis off retired hurt after playing on to his own ankle, he looks to be in some pain…

318-4 46.3/50