England V Slovakia World cup Qualifier

England V Slovakia World cup Qualifier


Hot on the heels of the excellent away win against the very agitated Maltese we have Slovakia being played away from the national stadiam at the home of Tottenham Hotspur.

Can the winning run be extended or will not playing at the twin towers cause an unexpected decline in the fortunes of the mighty English team?


I’m going for a draw 1:1 - dunno why.

Couldn’t get up much enthusiasm after Engerland’s win over Malta - which was flattering because they, were shite, England that is.


Spurs can’t win there, so as long as none of them are in the team should be easy pickings.

If they are selected,then it isn’t August so Kane will get the equaliser.


So Southgate wants to excite the crowd

Excite me Excite me

I think they may have to show some porn on the big screens to do this


You ALL need to read this article. What a snafu by the suits

Pure greed


FIFA strike again … how can you be worse off in a seeding campaign by playing a friendly and winning it than not playing at all?

I’m all for scraping meaningless useless friendlies, leave our League matches alone and stop it with fucking blank weekends.

Judging by the way England are playing recently (last 20 years!!) their little get togethers acheive the square root of fuck all anyway, except opportunities for the big boys players to tap up some easily impressed wide eyed new recruits just breaking into the squad.


I can imagine them in the back room big lounge chairs smoking jackets as it is effectively a private club big cigars puffing away and the sound of piffle piffle piffle

“who does that Jonny foreigner romanian think he is telling us telling us who invented the game that the rules are not in our favour”

piffle piffle piffle.


But at the end of the day they’re still a pretty average team who would still be average even if they did “play” the rankings game as the article suggests…


Meanwhile here is a first.

England are the new Southampton…

I kid you not!

England are the Southampton of international football… they show some promise but sit below the best…


I take that as an insult to Saints…then I guess I would. The journo makes some fair comparisons though.



I can not wait to see our World class players and thank the Premiership for giving us such a great national team, maybe other nations should thank us as well?


Yeah, maybe, but unlike Southampton England don’t keep getting their best players picked off by other teams.

We’re shite.


^ Gareth Bale???


How could Bale play for England?


Through his grandmother apparently


He was eligible Bazza, just nobody bothered to call him up because he wasn’t a kid at a big club some of the press DID advocate it but hey ho, England would have ruined him, kept him at Left Back or whatever



Yeah but Harry only moved him to midfield because he was short there and needed someone, before that GB hardly got a look in at left back.


I never knew that, we would have screwed his career up as you guys say.


riginally posted by Barry SanchezI never knew that, we would have screwed his career up as you guys say

Someone bring back the old Barry, I don’t like this new reasonable one. I don’t know how to respond to him


Game on…I’m all of a tingle. :lou_surprised: