⚽ :engerland: England V Kosovo 🇽🇰 @ St Mary's

Come on there must be someone interested in this one?
Who is going?
is it sold out already?
Is Southgate going to draft in JWP just for some local support interest ?

Ummm no

Not me

No idea

Doubt it, he doesn’t play for a “big” team

Taking my nephew for this one

Too easy for a week day game to pass up

Am actually enjoying this England Side - there seems to be an absence of egos that we have had to suffer in previous years. Plus given the conveyor belt of talent coming through, existing players have to put up or lose their place


Got tickets at the back of Block 3 in the Itchen.

Does that mean I have to wag my finger at the Kosovans and tell them how much I hate Pompey?

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Do Kosovans travel to away games?

I don’t remember ever meeting a Kosovan

As luck would have it I am now Back in Malaysia and the game is live @0245 in the morning.
have already informed the girlfriend she has to give me a BJ every time England score and she agrees it will be 0-0 put your money on that,


Lol at our Dxb Saints Whats App thread today - Travel Information and comments on an England game

Anyone watching. Kosovo scored after 37 seconds…Stirling got the equaliser on 8 minutes and Kane scored to make it 2 - 1 after 19 minutes.

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Yeah, Im watching. Kosovo are pretty good.

Yep but can’t remember which goal they’re kicking into… 3 - 1 Kosovo OG.

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4 - 1 Sancho

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Nice goal that.

…and another for Sancho 5 - 1…any more and I’ll get a nosebleed.

5 -2 48 minutes.
Carnival time. :lou_lol:

5 - 3 Maguire gives away a penalty. Party on!

Kane misses from the spot…it’s all go at St Marys.

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Nosebleed averted…England lose the second half 2 nil.

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Played really well at times against a very attacking (and therefore open at times) Kosovo.

A great game to watch but we’ve got to keep it tighter as a team.

Great game to watch.
Pretty certain Jack Stephen’s would get into this England defence.
Or was it the ghost of The White Witch?

Blimey - that game had it all