⚽:engerland: England v Bulgaria :Bulgaria:

So who are we playing at Wembley this afternoon?

Is their any interest?

The next game is at St Mary’s anybody going?

So we are playing Bulgaria do they have any decent players?

Nope…and ah Nope. :lou_wink_2:

Well kick off is midnight here so I will either be comatose or asleep which ever comes first. Or listening to the cricket to see if we have survived another day.

They have bloody good wines of that helps.

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Kane has scored to make it England 1 the other lot 0. …halfway through the first half. Hoddle spouting bollocks as usual so I’ve muted the sound.
e.g. “Fabulous volley by Henderson”…ten yards wide. :lou_facepalm_2:

It finished 4-0 Kane Hattrick thanks to a couple of Penalties and Sterling got the other.

NB missed it all as fell asleep listening to Test Match Special.